No one can deny the internet is significantly useful, people can now join universities without moving a toe, you can travel anywhere by just clicking ion 360-degree video. It’s amazing how the internet facilitated gaining knowledge.

On the other hand the internet can be misused at many levels, but this article is not going to discuss the misusing practices of the internet, in fact, it’s going to be your guide to use internet proficiency.
The first thing you need to do is scheduling the time you are spending online, put a list of the things you want to do online, for example the websites you want to visit, the courses you want to enroll and languages you want to learn.

As we all like social media, we need to know how to benefit from it if we are not working in one of its field. Well, use it in the way it was created for, connect with your family, friends and even build new friendships, but the most important thing is using it to build connections, that will help you with your professional life.
You can do this by updating your linked-in profile, and starting to connect with the people who work in the same field as you are.

Shopping, it’s now easy than ever to know does it worthy to get down there to stores and shop, or even to shop everywhere from home, just by serving the stores websites and the online stores, which saving a lot of time.

However, it’s likely to forget an important appointment or a class, or even your mother’s birthday.Here it comes a new feature of the internet, it allows you to have a virtual assistant, it can remind you with emails you haven’t checked, and it can remind you to wish your mom a happy birthday and to remind you to feed the cat. Just specify the things you don’t want to forget and it will remind you of it right away.

Furthermore, each one of us needs to have his own voice, but it’s insufficient only to have it, people want also to share it. The internet gives you the chance to share your own voice with public through your social media accounts or even a blog.

Like I mentioned above that you can take a world tour while you are chilling on your couch in the living room, by using google street view you can have a walk at any street in the world.
Finally you can use it to gain knowledge, skills and experience, that’s why I’m going to provide you with 5 amazing websites to visit and benefit from:

Coursera: it’s an amazing website you can benefit from by taking too many courses.

Ted: you can watch amazing ted convergences via this website.

Goodreads: if you want to spread your voice and your own opinion about books, go ahead and sign up into this amazing website where there are a lot of readers and books recommendations.

Quora: an amazing website and mobile app, where you can find an answer for each question you have.

Today I Found Out: this is where you can find out a new piece of information every day.

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