Social media has become a way to connect with others and to express opinions, and sharing experiences. And as we trust others when it comes to take a purchasing decision, the power of the word of mouth takes place.

Researches show that 92% of the customers trusts the word of mouth more than the tradition ways of marketing and advertising. And that leads us to the influencer marketing which is based on the word of mouth

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Influencer marketing also changes the game rules as it can generate 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising. And 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, but only 33% trust traditional ads. And we can find that 94% of marketers find influencer marketing effective. And finally 60% of consumers consult blogs, vlogs or social media posts on products before considering a purchase.

But when it comes to choose an influencer you need to keep in mind who you’re going to choose and more Important which gender you’re going to choose?

Well, influencer marketing gets affected by whether the influencer is a male or a female, let’s make this clear for you:

1-Researches show that women are more active on all the social media platforms, for example we find that 22% of women are active on Twitter, compared to just 15% of men. Facebook, which is used by 71% of the online population, is dominated by women (76%) as opposed to men (66%), and on Instagram, 20% of women use Instagram compared with 15% of men. only Linkedin that boasts more men (24%) than women (19%).

2-The engagement, we can find that women followers are more active and they’re more likely to interact with their content as the data shows that the average the number of likes for female Instagram users was 578, compared to 117 for male users. And in fact working with female influencer can drive 16 times more engagement on your social media platform.

4-And as we can find that the most of purchasing processes are made by women, so that gives them an advance of being reliable source to give advises. Women has more influence on men as well, a research of Hobber HQ Shows that men are also 10 times more likely to share comment or like a woman’s post than posts by male Instagram users.

5-Brand interactions, women are more likely to interact with brands more than men to show their support. More than half of women use social media to show support and access deals or promotions from brands, compared to just 36% of the men online.

Research shows that women influencers who use social media platforms as a marketing channel outperform men’s earnings by 35%. The increasing demand for influencers in the lifestyle and beauty niches sets the stage for a more valuable marketplace for women.

6-Women prefer “shorter forms” – especially “Selfies” (59% of women claim this is their favorite type of post). Men, on the other hand, are more into videos as more of them run YouTube channels.

7-When it comes to taking part in campaigns, women prefer tests and product reviews. Men, on the other hand are twice as likely to state making videos as their preferred type of brand cooperation. Female influencers prefer cooperation with the fashion and beauty industry while men are more into technology, sports, mobile apps, telecoms and automotive.

So as shown above it turns out – content types have genders, and women are ruling social media. So if you considering influencer marketing you need to think before deciding which gender is going to be more suitable for your product.


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