Your place to show your products

The online store is your platform to display all your business and products, and through it, you can get a ready-made platform to display your products without the hassle of searching for real stores, you can now start your own online store with full control from you.

Your customers spend more of their time on mobile than personal computers, and the number of smart phone users increases every day, as more than 70% of Saudis own a smartphone.

Your services and products are in the pockets of your customers all the time

Your customers spend an average of two hours a day on the phone, switching between different mobile applications, your customers open, search, and discover the applications on their phones.

Have a direct marketing channel

Having your own online store with a ready-made base can help your customers in many tasks, it can provide general information about your product, prices, methods of booking and ordering, search features of all kinds, and follow up on user accounts.

Your brand will spread faster and become a trusted name

Your online store supports your brand, it is the most appropriate tool to increase awareness of your brand and products, and the store can also target your customers with promotional offers that come to them in the form of alerts, and it will also help you know more personal information about customers, all of this will gain you strengths in marketing and stronger competition points

Ensure your customers’ trust

The promotions, discount coupons, and Facebook ads, all these brands lose their influence on customers, it is time for you to provide a real honest communication channel, imagine that your entire business is in the pocket of your scientists, they can reach it with a few taps of their fingers!

Now get your copy from the online store …

Increase the number of your customers, provide a channel of direct communication and marketing that provides real value to your customers, get ahead of your competitors, and increase the loyalty of your customers.