iSkola School Management System

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“iSkola” school management system provides you with all the technical solutions for managing your school, from virtual schedules to students and parents’ affairs. Contact “iSkola” to know more about all new educational solutions.

Sending notifications to parents saves the quality of your school and creates a safe learning environment for students and parents. Therefore, iSkola supports periodic notifications.

ISkola makes managing your school easier and more accurate!

It is no longer difficult to manage all your school’s administrative and financial affairs while you are far from your school. iSkola system allows you to receive all fees electronically and follow up on administrative matters, which saves you from all paper errors.

Personal files will never be damaged or lost again!

Through the “iSkola” school management system, each person can keep his own file by typing personal information and logging in, with complete safety and accuracy.

ISkola, your school is with you anywhere

” iSkola” school management system with you anywhere, and offers you complete remote school management, student files, teachers and staff affairs from the administrative part and facilitates financial transactions.
leave the trouble of pen and paper and go to digital transactions now

The best technical solutions with the iSkola system for school management

” iSkola ” system facilitated cloud solutions to save school data in a fast technical way and help in accessing it, whether it’s in the needs of the student or parents in following up on the student’s life cycle or even the administrative staff and teachers.

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