Our methodology in project implementation

flexibility, order and documentation

you receive your detailed specifications which implementation is required, We send you suggestions and implementation offer. We sign a non-disclosure agreement, We meet you directly or via the Internet, We discuss together how the implementation process works. We support you after the project is delivered and we continue to develop.

Our mission at Shifters.tech is to achieve these goals for you

We put you and your business in the center of attention as we understand every big and small detail about your business

Our mission at Shifters.tech is to achieve these goals for you

You want a website or online store that reflects your business’s values, You also want a website
that provides measurable results and profits, and that the project be completed on time
and according to the specified budget. This is in parallel with the site keeping pace with modern technologies,
capable of support and development in the future. To have a strategy that controls
the progress of the project as a whole and ensures that it goes according to the plan in place, saving money and time.

These goals can only be achieved with a good understanding and detailed specifications of what is required to be implemented.
Either through “Request Of Proposal” you send –
if you have specified in detail what you want – or through tools and means of discovery
and research adopted by Shifters – if you need help with this matter.

We understand the nature of your business and your business goals

You may have a marketing campaign nearby, Or an important event that your company sponsors,
Or you want to move your company to another level among competitors,
Or you are in the process of introducing a new product and you need to revive your website again.

All of these goals will not be achieved unless we understand exactly what you want to accomplish,
Our methodology for implementing projects requires knowing and excelling in the competitive advantages that you offer to your clients
and outperforming the competitors in the market. This valuable information will make us able to highlight it in all stages of the project.

Also, we discover with you the measurable goals that you set to indicate the success of the project,
What is the feedback or action that the user will do on the website?
Who understands your business as a profit?

Our project implementation methodology / We understand the nature of your business and your business goals

The goal of creating your website may not be profit gained directly, but it may be an staged goal for the customer to know the brand of your project, for example.

All the information we collect during the research and discovery phase about your business and your customers we document to be indicators and criteria that lead us in any decision we make during the course of the project.

We study the nature of your clients and their needs

We will do deep drilling and research to understand your customers and their needs more clearly,
in parallel with the analysis of your business to know the goals that you need to achieve through your website or your online store.
We will analyze the data and present our findings. Then we will use this data to design the best user experience for your customers.

We seek to fully understand your customers, users of your website or your online store.
This is why we conduct direct interviews with targeted users, If it is not possible to conduct a direct interview
We have other alternatives, either through online surveys, Mail or Skype.

We provide a study for your users through the user experience design service

User Experience Questionnaire

User Experience Questionnaire

A set of questions that helps you and helps the Nuxerro team define project goals, measures of success, and a target audience

Project Brief Message

Project Brief Message

Brief description paper describing the project
and its outputs. The general objectives are in
brief form.

Discussions and meetings

Discussions and meetings

Through direct interviews, Verbal or written (via messages) we discuss with you the strategy that we will follow.

Users Interview

Users Interview

We conduct direct interviews with targeted users, If the direct interview is not possible, we have other alternatives online.

This agreement guarantees your right not to leak any information that you provide to the Shifters User Experience team for any purpose, Noksero also disclaims that this information is not shared with any other party.

We pledge not to disclose

We know very well that the information that you share with us throughout the project implementation process is sensitive information for you and your company.
It cannot be shared with a third party, Work ethics and keep the information that we share
with it is something we do not neglect, Our project implementation methodology obliges
Shifters.tech to sign the NDA, which is provided upon your request.

The Shifters.tech experience Team may ask you for information about your customers and their nature,
Market research that you might have done previously, Documents about your company’s standards,
The values ​​you are carrying or any other papers and documents, The purpose of
this information is for the user experience team to have a complete picture of your customers.

For this, Shifters.tech provides its guarantee to you that any information you may share with us
It is used only for the purpose for which it was collected, only will see it from the Shifters.tech team
hose who are authorized to do so who fall into the team working on your project
Then all these documents are kept in the archives and never circulated again.

Newxero signs the NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement upon your request

We pledge not to disclose

It is a document attended by the Shifters team that includes solutions and ideas that we propose to solve the problem you are facing. It also shows the stages of project implementation, The deliveries and the schedule for each stage

Technical specifications presentation document

First, a document showing the technical specifications and the stages of implementing your project will be sent before
Newxero is a well thought out proposal, We share your understanding and our understanding of the project
In a notarized document, Determines our vision, Implementation phases, The main thrust of the project.

This document keeps you informed of the implementation process, as it is the first and last reference for any discussion or decision.

You want a web project (online store, website or application)
Because there is a problem and you want to solve it, Display technical specifications accurately describe the problem you are facing,
What similar systems or solutions does Nuxerro suggest,
What possible improvements can be made.

View the technical specifications you send to Newxero is the roadmap that we go through to implement your project.

Our methodology in project implementation / technical specifications presentation document
Our methodology in project implementation

Deliveries and schedule for each stage

The presentation will also include a detailed description of the design and discovery stages,
Program development stage, The programming languages ​​proposed to be used,
And implementation strategy, The most difficult challenges to implement, And others.

The document will also contain the deliveries you will get after
Every main stage of project implementation, and detailed schedule
A proposal for the time each important stage will take and the total time to implement the project.

Displaying the technical specifications makes you aware of the progress of the implementation of the project, for reference in any discussion or dispute

linear or parallel Staged implementation?

linear or parallel Staged implementation?

Your Neoxero technical team has enough flexibility to work on implementation
Phases of your project in parallel (start designing in parallel with programmatic development)
Or in linear (complete the design, then move to program development)

We are not linked to one implementation methodology and adapting the project to it. On the contrary, we are adapting
Steps and stages of implementation to suit the nature of your project, The deadline for completion and budget set.

Does this reduce the quality of your final product?

No, The quality that we adhere to means the balance between the requirements of your business and the needs of your users, So the challenge lies in adapting the implementation of a project to not exceeding the quality limits

Attention to detail is beyond discussion

We take details and quality out of the equation because they are the basis for
the implementation stages. And not letting go any of them, It is outside the discussion
about the stages of implementation. Stages of implementation are a means, not an end, of the project.

Auditing every stage of the design and development of your project is the
short way to turn your customers around, This leads us to shorten and simplify until we reach what is
The most important and necessary, From every 10 ideas we choose 5 ideas that we can apply. Then we say
“No” to four of them, In order to properly apply one idea, simplified, and aesthetic

Our methodology in project implementation