ways of communication and project follow-up

The best chance for your project to succeed is to set the tone for communication between you and the Shifters.tech staff from the start. At the beginning of the project, we together define the best ways to communicate, whether through e-mail, Direct meetings or texting over the phone … and possibly all combined.

Your project manager at Shifters.tech will try to provide the maximum degree possible to be informed of the progress of your project.

e-mail, direct conversations or text messaging

We are not linked with a specific means of communicating with you during the progress of the project, In all cases, we are keen on documenting well every step or decision that we take together. You, as the business owner and the project representative, and between the Shifters.tech team work in the project manager.

Your project manager at Shifters.tech will make sure to keep in touch with the updates that happen daily, We will send you a summary behind each key stage of the project.

e-mail, direct conversations or text messaging

Whatever communication method you prefer, the important thing is that your response and communication will be fast so that the deadline set for the completion of your project is not affected.

We consider you a team member

We consider you a team member

From the start of the project at Shifters.tech, we look at you as a member of the project team and expect cooperation and support throughout all stages of the project. This also means that we should expect that you or the person whom you authorized to communicate with Shifters.tech have answers to the questions we will be asking about the project, He is the person making the decision.

It is imperative that the Shifters.tech team contact the person making the decision, Whereas, if you delegate someone,to communicate with Shifters.tech and the decision is in your possession, Whatever his communication skills , He will not be able to fully communicate our ideas, fulfilling the argument and the information.

Communicating with the responsible person making the decision will prevent misunderstanding along the way of implementing your project.

We help you with the tasks you take on

As a member of the team, Your project manager helps you with the responsibilities you take on, We may need the content, pictures of your products or any other things that the project depends on, In all of these tasks, you will find in Shifters.tech someone give you a hand to carry out.