Designing user experience

An investment in planning a correct user experience increases your sales

Whether you intentionally try to design a good experience for your website / online store or not … people will always have a “good or bad” experience when using your website or your digital product, The user experience is essential to increase your profits.

Designing user experience
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Discover the true needs of your customers, not what they say!

There is an important difference between “User Study” and the traditional collection of user information.

A user study aims to monitor the behavior of users and what they do, it provides more accurate results than just asking your customers “What do you want ?!” Your clients have a hard time describing exactly what they are doing, and they don’t know exactly what they need.

This era is the “customer age” which controls and shapes your business strategy. Customers have high expectations for any product offered to them, They have prejudices standers to judge, They have previous experiences with competing products, You must understand their needs well based on facts, not assumptions.

One of the technologies that Shifters.Tech uses to discover your customers ’needs, “User Research” and “User Persona”

Investing in planning the right user experience increases your sales

Your customers want the products or websites that meet their needs, to be easy, fun to use and well made. the products and services that provide the user with a good experience will be sold better than those that provide a bad experience. Easy use and design quality have become points of sale and strength for companies like Apple and Amazon, Google … and others.

the digital and intangible products like online stores، Websites or mobile applications may not be able to express our customer experience directly, Even if the bad using experience hides behind good marketing, success will be limited and in the short term only.

Eventually unsatisfied customers and negative reviews of your product will not be easily erased, Not to mention that the “word of mouth ” of your clients in their side conversations with friends will not be in your favor.


Of your visitors do not care about the company news section

* From the detailed analytical paper that explains the motives behind each graphic element placed in the new layout, which was submitted to Abdul Latif Jameel for funding.


Bad user experience can can be shown in different ways such as your customers’ inability to find what they want, low conversion rates, difficult registration on the website, or few requests to purchase your product.

Investing in planning the right user experience increases your sales

A good user experience will satisfy customers, increase their loyalty, and increase the opportunity to purchase your products again, Renewing membership on the website or providing positive reviews of your products and post them online and on social media networks to their friends.


The percentage of those who will stop transferring to competitors if they provide a good user


Of your customers will stop buying your products if they get a bad user experience

* According to a 2013 survey by Avaya


Reduce software development time and cost

On the opposite to what is common, investing in a good user experience will ensure reduce the costs of developing and designing your website or your online store. And that is by designing the right solution from the beginning and by finding and correcting the project problems early before it is too late.

When a layout is designed by a team that knows and applies principles, Best design practices, Understand how a person receives information and how to analyze it, Then the website will avoid many user experience problems that cause customer and sales loss.

The user experience is based on ensuring repeated usability tests at every stage of the design, even before the software development phase begins, Where the design is verified, it achieves your goals as a business owner. and meets the aspirations of your customers.

Reduce technical support and respond to your customers costs

When your site or online store is easy to use, users will have fewer problems, The demand for technical support problems will decrease because they simply do not exist, The connection rate for support call center will also decrease. Also, the mail messages your customers complain in will decrease.

The technical support costs you spends will also decrease. When it is difficult to use your website or your online store, more users will contact support. Which requires more support staff and more time.

Reduce technical support and respond to your customers costs

Estimates say that the average cost of calling a customer service center is $ 1 per minute

All of your ideas are technically actionable from a simple page to an integrated web application that manages all your business …

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