Email Marketing

E-mail marketing proves every day that it is the best tool to bring you the highest return on investment, with thousands of digital marketing tools that help you communicate with potential customers. Existing and new.

Every $ 1 you invest in email marketing brings you back $ 38 as a direct ROI, Email is 40 times more capable of bringing in new customers for your products and services compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Email Marketing

E-mail is the most common communication channel in the world

It is expected that 90.9% of Internet users will have an email. There is no more effective channel to reach your targeted customers than email marketing.

Email is the most profitable marketing channel for your business

When it comes to converting leads into actual buyers, Email marketing is the most effective channel today.

Email is the most profitable marketing channel for your business
Your customers request to communicate you via e-mail

Your customers request to communicate you via e-mail

Studies show that 72% of users prefer to receive promotional content via promotional emails, For only 17% prefer social media.

Email adapts to your needs

There are no limits to how e-mail can be configured to meet your different marketing needs:

  • Newsletters: Inform your customers about your company’s latest news, Regardless of the number of messages you send and without worrying about the cost, no matter how many messages you send each month.
  • Periodic Offers:Make your customers re-purchase through promotions that reach their email about the products they love.
  • promotions : Submit periodic promotions about your products. Your services or new updates that you Seek to prepare it, , Your customers open their email daily.
  • Study your customers and their needs: Collect feedback about your customers by through adding surveys into email marketing campaigns.

Start now…

  • Service designed for makes the whole process easy for you . As we run and manage your email marketing campaign , We prepare the messages to send , we will provide you with reports about your campaign We will also save you the effort of designing and programming your flyers.
  • Promotional e-mail … set to fit the mobile : it is necessary that your e-mails appear properly on the various devices from which your customers browse their e-mail. takes the mobile seriously. As we guarantee the proper display on various devices (computers, laptops, Tablet and mobile)
  • Arab technical support and expert 24/7: We have a support team, Available anytime – day or night – You will always get the answers you need to send an unlimited promotional campaign for its success.

All of your ideas are technically actionable from a simple page to an integrated web application that manages all your business …

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