how do we work

Through highly professional techniques and specialization, such as designing a user experience for websites, The online store industry which is able to display thousands of products. And developing web applications with the latest methodologies and software development frameworks.

Agile programming methodology

is a methodology used by in carrying out software development projects for websites and web applications, This methodology defines a number of practices that ultimately lead to finishing your project and its launch to the market early and with higher quality.

It which all the required technical features included in the software in a panel called Project Backlog based on the study of your clients and potential users. These features are made in cards from the “User Persona” point of view.

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Waterfall methodology

The waterfall methodology is a sequential design process
Where the transition is done from one stage to another after its completion,
Where it starts with a stage (analysis, design, Software build,
and It is a methodology used in software development processes,
Which is a progression as it flows steadily downward (like a waterfall)
Through the stages of initiation, analysis, Design, build, test, produce / implement and maintain. ”