SEO prepare your site for search engines

Bring more customers to your website or online store, Improve your content, Let Google archive your website pages as it should be.

Search engines optimisation for your website aims to improve your website’s visibility in Google first, as it has a 91% market share, Which makes it the number one search engine in importance


Your website will appear before your competitors’ websites

Is there an effect of the search result ranking (first, second, The third …. ) And increasing clicks on them? Yes، The first result that appears in the search engine gets a click rate that is 17.2% higher than the second result, The second result gets a 4.02% higher click rate than the third result, The higher your website’s ranking is on the search page, the higher the clickthrough rate and the more visits to your site rather than competitors.

Google will rate your website better than your competitors’ websites

In order for the search engine to show results most relevant to your customers’ search from their archived websites, it uses a rating system or criteria to rate the pages, There are over 200 factores which collectively influence your website’s evaluation with Google, we at Shifters.Tech SEO service cover them all , Among the most important and influencing factors are:

  • Links or Page Rank:This algorithm takes into account the external “number of links” that refer to every page on your site
  • Keywords:How frequently the keywords (the keyword with the topic of the page) are repeated on the page
  • Freshness: most of the times whenever the content of the site is continuously updated and at a steady pace it is good for Google
  • Mobile Friendly :responsive design , or designed for mobile is something Google recommends. In 2015, Google put the word “mobile friendly” next to search results, whose content is ready for display on mobile.

More than 200 factors influence Google’s evaluation of your website. We will improve them all to show your website first

Google will rate your website better than your competitors’ websites

Your website’s content will be solid, strong ، Lead your customers to the purchase paths

You can’t in any mean optimize your website for search engine without solid content We draw and plan an in-depth content strategy while checking the existing content plus we track your competition:

  • We will review the keywords for your website. and analyze their suitability for your business goals and how the search engine understands them.
  • We will rephrase the headlines and sub-headings of all pages to get to the top search results.
  • We will review the standard HTML code and ensure that it applies to search engine and W3C rules.

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Search engines are your first tool to bring more customers to your website or online store. It is no longer extra or complementary, Search engine optimization strategy can’t be delayed Who optimize his website early ranks first Your competitors are doing it now …

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