User Experience Questionnaire
One of the techniques of designing a user experience

The Usage Experience Questionnaire helps us in discover problems that may encounter implementing your project early, and that put us in better place ، where it directs and focuses our efforts on implementing your business business goals and your clients’ goals parallel. It represents the wanted result, And the success scale .

In a perfect world when there is a clear articulation of your business product or project, Accurate identification of target audience.Maybe user experience questionnaire will not be needed ، But most of the time you may have passed these important definitions of your product or audience, Here comes the role of through the pre-survey questionnaire * to use experience so that together we formulate one formulation for your project and your target customers.

* “pre-survey ” means that it is performed before starting the main stages of implementation your project, This title is specific to the method and methodology of work at

When does Shifters.Tech use this technique?

  • At the start a new project and the work team has questions about how to integrate well with your project or if your project needs more planning and strategic work, To be done well .
  • Anytime team needs more understanding of your project.
When does Shifters.Tech use this technique?
How much this technology fits your project

How much this technology fits your project

The user experience questionnaire is suitable for all companies, sites and applications of any size. Shifterstech runs user experience survey for all clients, regardless of the nature of the project or service involved.

We consider that is your right to have clear answers about your project goals, which is done by After conduct the user experience questionnaire it is summarized in a clear documentation delivered to you at the beginning of the project. It is like the constitution for the project

The user experience questionnaire provides the design message

The answers provided by the user experience questionnaire are used later for drafting your project .