Users Interview

a face-to-face meeting with your targeted customers to find out their requirements or test the website after its creation. We consider it at the cornerstone for creating a successful website, So all the effort of the development team, Design and creativity depend on the user’s interaction with what has been built.

Users Interview

The user experience does not depend on advice and principles as much as it relies on meeting your real customers face to face, Find out about their problems and design solutions based on our observation of them

The goal of meeting users

at Shafters is to conduct a deep drilling and research process to better understand your customers and their needs, Parallel to your business analysis, to know your goals that you need to achieve through your website or your online store, Meeting users and asking them how to carry out various tasks and search for information related to your business is essential in order to design a comprehensive user experience.

How do we benefit from the information we collect?

After we extract all possible information from your target customers, We start to analyze, summarize and break it down according to importance, user need and positive or negative notes. etc, We try as much as possible to remember the names that your customers mentioned by the text during the interview, even if they are not the correct description and have errors, This helps us know how your customers understand your website.

At, we use user interviews to complete surveys of your clients’ goals and needs. The interviews help us discover the underlying causes and complete details that prompted users to behave in a certain manner or prompted them to answer in a specific way the questions of the questionnaires we conduct prior to the interview.

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