Developing startups companies helps them grow, prove themselves, and establish their brand.

In this article, Shifters will tell you some advice for developing startups companies, and how Shifters can help you …

So, Let’s start …

There is no doubt that marketing is the most important thing in business development,

and in recent times, digital marketing has become the most widespread…

There are some points you should know it if you own a startup company or project and want to develop it and increase your profits


Here are some of them: –

  • Start with creating your website: –

Having a website makes your business more convincing and gives your customers a sense of belief in your business, and positively affects your sales.

create your website

your website should have some important features like – Ease of use and graphicly design, as the graphicly design makes customers spend more time on your website, and makes them remember it quickly.

 And also, your website must be compatible with smartphones and most devices

because a lot of people use their smartphones for browsing and online shopping as well!! So, your compatibility with smart devices makes your site more visible, smooth, and fast,

which is helping you to increase the number of visits.

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  • Use different marketing methods: –

It’s ok to use several methods of marketing at the beginning of your business,

but marketing is not just advertising !! it has many types and strategies as well.

 Your website content is marketing! Keywords are also marketing, so you should use multiple types of content, like evergreen content. 

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Video is also a marketing method, but before you start using any of the marketing methods,

you have to define your field of work, your target audience, and the message you want to deliver, to determine which method you should go for it.

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  • Use photos and graphics: –

The aesthetic element is important and helps to spread your brand, so you should use images and graphics to increase the attractiveness of your website.

For example: adding some pictures to articles on your blog this makes it more attractive and gives a sense of fun and detailed explanation to the reader, 

I think it’s an excellent way!

It helps in an effective way if you advertise a product or service also!

But! You must be careful not to overuse pictures and graphics as well, and be wise in publishing or using them because filling the website with pictures has a negative impact, so you must be careful to keep your website simple and include visuals and texts.


Shifters can also help you present your visual content in a professional way that meets the requirements of your website! 

do not hesitate…

  • Do not neglect the “search bar”: –
    search bar

We talked about the ease of browsing your website helps greatly to increase the number of visits to your website, and gain their satisfaction and spend a long time browsing, so whatever the size of your website, there must be a search bar in a clear place in your website that helps the customer reach what they are searching for.

And a lot of points and tips that must be followed when starting your startup company, business in the digital field


Shifters helps you to do all the steps, starting from the idea of ​​your website to reaching your goal.

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