“E-learning”, will it become the next system or just a solution to the current circumstances?

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued

a decision to continue the “E-learning” system

 had been applied recently due to the Coronavirus.

Some have found it a suitable solution to the circumstances and suitable for technological

development in recent times and some of them were not ready for it and felt a change

from the traditional or regular system, whether it was the educational staff,

students, parents, or school owners.


What is e-learning?

It is the transfer of education from the traditional situation to the modern situation,

e-learning began in the late seventies in some European universities,

where they send materials to the student by mail and include educational videos,

all his needs or what the university offers him during the actual attendance at the university.

 With the Internet, the matter has evolved and became sending the student’s needs through e-mail,

and discussion sessions between the student and the teacher were made easier.

So, understanding the subject is dependent on the student.


E-learning in Arab countries:

E-learning in arab country

E-learning began recently in the Arab countries when the Coronavirus appeared,

it has become the system for all schools and universities to avoid mixing and crowding

to limit the spread of the virus.

 In the beginning, it was difficult for some schools because of the lack of knowledge

to manage school remotely, and it caused dispersion for some students as a new system.

 With time, E-learning has achieved success and saved time and effort for all school staff and students.

Which made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopt it as a system for the coming period.


shifter’s role in E-learning:

shifters.tech provide you with the best and easiest solution to facilitate

the e-learning process through the “ISkola” system!

It prepares the school for you with all its systems remotely,

which facilitates communication between the student, parent, and teacher,

and facilitates the school’s management of the administrative part.

So, we offer you an “ISkola” online educational system.

Let us explain what the ISkola system is, and how it can help you.


“ISkola” system for schools:

iskola system

What is the “ISkola” system?

The system provides the ability to manage the school and manage information at its best

programmatically through messages or discussion sessions between

members of the school and students,

as we believe in Shifters.tech that teamwork within the scope of the school is necessary for its success.


Explanation of the “ISkola” system:

The “ISkola” educational system has been designed for school owners who need an effective

and powerful way to manage the school without using paperwork and traditional ways,

especially at the present time, and it supports the user

with a dynamic way to build his own data structure

based on his needs, whether it is managing student files or Communication between the student

and the teacher, or the administration of administrative papers and banking transactions


External “ISkola” design and how to deal with it:

“ISkola” is special in a quick and easy design, and its internal components contain

an explanation of each element.  “ISkola” system is compatible with most devices,

 helps you to manage it in different times and places.

One of its most important features is compatible with the browser,

 avoids technical problems that may occur in other systems,

and its ease of use is due to the professionally designed interactive design.


Areas of improvement supported by the “ISkola” system:

The “ISkola” educational system supports communication,

facilitating communication between parents – students, and the school.

 tracks homework, test scores, or student needs during the school year.

“ISkola” helps reduce the work of the employees,

so reducing the workload increases its efficiency in terms of time and money

and achieves the general benefit for all parties.

What distinguishes us in “ISkola” is that it provides solutions for storing student data or school files

and being easily accessible anywhere.


The most important features of the “ISkola” educational system:


  • Continuous and effective communication between teachers and students,
    and the ability for parents to follow the student and communicate with teachers as well.


  • Complete the entire application and follow up on school
    operations without papers
    only through the programmed system and the data supported by “ISkola”


  • Track homework, forms that help in making weekly plans for the student,
    that the student and the parent can follow up on as well.


  • Continuous notification letters and emails on school occasions and holidays.


  • Dynamic daily schedules.


  • It allows teachers to manage grades through the system,
    and to inform parents about them periodically.


  • Provide dynamic reports based on school needs.


  • Raising awareness of the student’s age of acceptance and
    communicating with parents before applying.


  • Taxes and fees are displayed in detail according to the student’s nationality,
    with the ability to display them on the school’s electronic system.


  • Ease of access for parents to the student’s life cycle.
    This includes: schedule, marks and grades, periodic examination schedule


  • Submit a plan for the academic year fees for the administrative part of the organization.


Shifters.tech now offers you the best and easiest solution to manage your school

in a simple electronic way.

Contact us for more details about the “ISkola” online system

Shifters.tech waiting for you.