Marketing strategies are one of the most important steps in establishing your business or project

and help you set the guidelines and the right direction to do the appropriate marketing for your business or product.

You must be properly aware of how to set a marketing strategy for your project,

thus helping you to reach your target customer faster and more accurately!!

So, let’s quickly show you what the marketing strategy is,

and take you on a journey to talk about its steps and the most important points

when creating your marketing strategy …


Marketing Strategy: –

It is the comprehensive plan that includes the goals of your project

in a thoughtful way,

and is developed based on some data and research in your field of work or your project,

  According to the opinions of the marketing planners,

it is better to make the marketing strategies for one year so that it’s a big-time to obtain a clear result and a short enough time for renewal.


So, what are the steps to start a marketing strategies?


your project status:-

What is the field of your project? how can I find the most successful method? What are the challenges that must be avoided?

You can ask all of these questions when starting your marketing plan, and anticipate all the problems you may encounter in the coming year! Such as competitors who are strong in the market, moving to another stage in your business, or putting new laws in the practical performance of your project.


Define your target audience or target market

Your target audience or customers do not have to be all age groups or “all people”. You must set the assumption of your current customer as a specific target age group or social group depending on the circumstances of your project or product, this will greatly help you to reach faster.

Your target market may contain several different categories and multiple groups, for example: – If your product helps to lose weight, your audience may be mothers who want to lose weight to maintain their health or children who are obese, or athletes trying to maintain their current weight and Not gaining more kilos!!

Knowing your audience or potential customer helps you greatly to formulate the marketing message and reach it faster and more accurately.


What are the appropriate marketing methods for the field of your project?

You can’t select or know the most appropriate?? So, let your target audience or customer define it and be a guide to your strategic plan 


Where is the largest amount of your target audience focused? How can you get them to look at your product or project?

For example: If your target audience is spending their time on the Internet, you can create pages on the social media platform, the most like “Facebook” as it has the largest density of users. You can also invest in paid ads on Facebook to be able to reach your audience. More precisely, if your activity is more commercial, you can start writing newspaper articles and make interviews with leaders in the field to be trusted by your customers.

Remember!! Monitoring the marketing ways used by your competitors can also greatly help to found the best for you.


Determine the marketing costs for your project


You should set a budget for your marketing plan …

There are projects or products that depend entirely on marketing,

where a large amount of money goes into the budget for marketing ..,

but it is not a fixed rule, projects differ and this is due to the field of projects and products

and also due to the market ways, for example: – By Social media platforms or direct marketing, like advertisements in newspapers, or television ads …


Keep your strategic plan contemporary to current conditions

Trendy marketing methods are very successful!! It is also necessary to make your plan flexible in change according to market conditions and also modification.


So, dear reader, it is necessary to put a marketing plan or strategy appropriate to the field of your product or project and take the previous steps into consideration …


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