Company identity, and what it is?

Sometimes people confuse between company brand identity, logo, and branding, are they the same meaning?

We will explain this in our article,

and the importance of each of them in building a business identity

for your company, or the personality of your company.

For example, we find that the brand is responsible for reflecting the company’s image in the market,

and Identity is part of the brand, as it is responsible for what the customer sees in the brand.

but we find the logo has a special part for it,

as it defines the business or company through a special sign or symbol.

you must consider the three elements to build a perfect identity for your company,

which helps it to appear in the market and helps you outperform your competitors.

build company identify

What about the logo?

It describes the identity or the project, not the opposite!

The logo doesn’t promote the company,

it is just a sign or character that clarifies the idea of ​​your project or company.

and the role of the logo comes after it becomes known in the market,

then it will become the sign of your company, as it’s always linked in the minds of the audience to you.

logo for apple

Example: – The Apple logo was designed by “Wayne Ron”.


So, what is branding?

They often think that a brand identity is symbols or shapes by which the company is known.

And it is about some visual elements and the product badge (slug),

but it means the basis, actions, and entity of the company or product, for example,

it reflects the external business of the company in the market.

And there are those who call it (the corporate image)

as it reflects the image of the entity if it is a small company or a product recently launched to the market.

In most cases, the audience is the one who determines the brand of the company,

or makes it as well!! So how??

As we mentioned earlier that (the branding) reflects the image of the entity that is based on it,

that it is directed to the target audience, and then,

its design becomes based on the characteristics of the audience,

the designer can draw and implement it technically only.

slug for apple

For example: – Apple’s Slogan, (Think different)

 Or when you hear a Nokia ringtone, your mind automatically translates the type of phone (Nokia).


But putting your logo and defining your brand is just not enough for your new company!!


Visual identity is as important as a logo or a brand.


Many confuse the definition of visual identity with the concept of the brand,

for each of them is a different element and has a different role from the other despite

the strong relationship between them. The visual identity is the visual element of the brand,

such as the external shape, color, and symbols.

And it is a main factor for the brand, as it works on the stability of the brand in the minds of the target audience and is easy to remember.

A visual identity is used also when renewing or updating an old product or company identity

For example: – It is the logo and the brand together.


How important is a visual identity in creating your startup identity?

 The visual identity is the interface to your business or company.

Many global companies spend millions to develop or renew their visual identity


 Some of the reasons why visual identity is so important: –

make you unique

Supports your difference and distinction: –

In a market full of competitors, you definitely need to be unique. Visual identity is the most important element that achieves your goal.

And when your visual identity is known in the market, it is difficult to change by your audience, 

studies tell that 60% prefer to buy from brands that are known to them, and the brand is known through visual identity.


It gives an impression of the professionalism of your business: –

You may be the best in your job and the most perfect one in it too! But you cannot be the most trusted customer

except through a visual identity that your audience knows, which supports the element of trust in your products and makes you the first choices.

It also gives the impression of seriousness to your competitors and that you are not a beginner in the job market.


it speaks on your behalf: –

 the audience is attracted to visual information significantly before written information,

and the visual identity is the person who talks about you and your business when your audience sees it,

as it leaves the first impression of you on the customer.

we can see this in the phrase “Jeff Bezos” (Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room)

So, dear reader, we explained to you the meaning of each of the elements of creating an identity for your company or new business identity, or even the importance of updating or developing your visual identity. also help you build your identity and your e-business.

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