With more activities and many fields, your competitors become more! Therefore, you must follow some tricks to increase sales Part one

and prove yourself in the market.

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Let’s start with the most important ways to increase sales: –


Study the market and know a lot about your competitors: –


It is the basics of establishing a company or a business, and it is a starting point that must be applied in any startup project, but it is also one of the most important methods that help increase your sales!! So how?

The market study enables you to know your audience, know their needs and behaviors, discover some gaps that competitors have not discovered, and also know new segments of the audience that you can target before competitors reach them, all of these elements help you to provide the most suitable for your customers, which increases your sales are faster.


the strategy of displaying the product: –


The method of displaying the product is called promotion (it is one of the four elements of marketing (4Ps)), which is select the appropriate and fastest way to reach the customer, whether it is advertisements or sales promotion like make celebrations and free gifts, this method usually achieves many sales in occasions and annual seasons, or even the way the product displayed in the store.


Adjust your sales strategies: –


Sales strategies differ according to the goals, the type of product, and its field of presentation, if you are a startup you can try many different strategies to know the most suitable for you, but if you do not achieve the required sales, it becomes necessary to amend or develop your plan or strategy in sales.

So, It is okay to try many different strategies, as the strategies for a single product may also differ in its stages from the moment it launched into the market until it proves its brand between competitors.


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