E-commerce, what does it mean?

E-commerce is a method or a system? this question has many answers, for example, it’s traditional commerce, but payment online,

and sometimes it’s to own a real store and support it digitally by creating a website,

or to start creating your business online without open a real store, 

marketing your products through social media, or a mobile application, a website that supports your business.


So, what is the correct answer? We can say that all of the above is a definition of e-commerce!! 

And now the e-commerce importance, not less than traditional commerce,

also supports it, and this has changed a lot in the last ten years,

the use of Arabs increased to 2500% and the Internet users in the Arab world reached 70 million users!

e-commerce has become a large viewing yard that allows you to Wander around the world at home, isn’t it amazing!

The most important statistics for the development of e-commerce in the recent period: –

statistics of e-commerce

E-commerce increased by 80% because its parallel with the instructions imposed by the government to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. 

and it helps in all the daily needs that you may need, like the household requirements,

buying clothes, and providing the closest public services places to you, and assistance in banking transactions by the internet … etc.

And the Arab countries became global centers in the use of e-commerce, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,

and the UAE are the most developed countries in this field.

About 50 million Egyptian citizens use the Internet,

especially e-commerce, followed by Saudi Arabia.

There are 18 million Egyptian citizens who buy through the Internet (online),

then Saudi Arabia comes with 12 million citizens who made the purchase, and then the UAE has 7 million citizens.

And this is not only in the Arab countries,

For example:-

96% of US citizens have bought online at least twice, and only 51% of them use online shopping continuously.

Studies Proved that the total volume of e-commerce sales will reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021!


Types of e-commerce: –

It doesn’t differ from the traditional types of trade, for example dealing from the company to the consumer or the customer,

which is known as B2C, and this type is most used in Saudi Arabia,

for example: – The (Naanaa application) is an application for shopping via the Internet (online) to purchase household needs

or foodstuffs and deliver them For a home,  without standing in lines or shopping for hours and hours!

Or dealing from the company to another company,

which is what is known as B2B, which is often the wholesale factory’s dealings with large stores,

this transaction is done Digitally through advertisements the wholesale factories publish it on the Internet to reach the target customer, which is the retail store.

And from consumer to consumer,

which is known as C2C, for example,

a person wants to sell something and another person wants to buy it,

 Here, e-commerce helps him create a website that markets his products or what he wants to sell or that can be displayed on websites like Olx.com.


Benefits of e-commerce: –

The benefits of e-commerce are not on one side, whether the customers or companies,

So benefiting from it is mutual, and for society also.


Benefits of e-commerce for companies and business owners: –

  • Organizing purchases, saving time, and reducing costs by organizing purchases digitally through specialized programs.


  • Geographical expansion, you are not restricted to a store in a specific location and saving the cost of high rents, through e-commerce you can reach your customers all over the world with the lowest costs.


  • Better inventory management and avoid the problem of shortage or excess in stores.


  • You are the only one who can control your online store, without the owner of the place, the commitment to monthly rent, or use the specific area of ​​the place.


  • Lower cost, no monthly salaries for workers


  • Better and faster customer service and this ensures permanent dealing with customers through direct communication.


Benefits of e-commerce for clients or consumers: –

  • Freedom to choose products, browse at any time, and choose the best payment method.


  • Compare between offered products and choose the best.


  • The better price because of the lower tax and value-added cost.


  • your presence everywhere and all the time, it helps you find your order faster.


Benefits of e-commerce for society: –

  • Helping to work from home, which helped reduce overcrowding and the spread of the Coronavirus in recent times.


  • Improving the standard of living by purchasing products and commodities at lower prices.


  • security in paying with trusted banking transactions.


Now we show you some e-commerce success stories: –


Amazon success story

Amazon logo

(Benzo) launched Amazon in 1994 as a website to sell books on the Internet, and he did not expect the great success of the website after its spread in fifty states in the first month only!

Where its sales in the first week amounted to twenty thousand dollars, as he decided to expand the currency and hired some programmers from Microsoft.

And he followed the plan to appear to the public, which helped in gaining the confidence of companies, and work more,

which is an excellent plan, and evolved greatly until it became a big name in the market.


Noon company’s success story

Noon logo


Noon e-commerce company was launched in 2016, where its idea was launched by Emirati businessman (Muhammad Al-Abbar),

this was in cooperation with the Tourism Wealth Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

with an investment of one billion dollars, believing that the online sales market is increasing significantly.

it has achieved very great success and has become the largest marketing platform in the Middle East,

and its service areas include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Egypt.

And it worked to expand its activities based on achieving the required success in a short time.


Now, dear reader, after you know about e-commerce and its benefits and importance,

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