Recently, social media has become a part of our daily life, like the applications that we spend all day browsing, like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, or the posts we follow, or the products offered on social media platforms … So, our article today on “How to Marketing by Instagram” …

Instagram is the largest and most successful platform that helps you to make money and market your products or services to get effective and fast results.

These are the latest statistics that clarify the activity on Instagram, and it has proven that it is constantly increasing!! …

  • 500 million people interact on Instagram every day
  • 8 million active business accounts
  • 80% of users follow an interesting account constantly
  • 30% of users have made purchases on Instagram at least once!!

This statistic makes us consider the Instagram platform one of the most important marketing tools now, especially when a most of people go online because of the Coronavirus, so no one prefers to mix and expose himself to infection!!

And based on the statistics of Instagram users in 2018, it was found that its users are constantly increasing, the UAE comes first with 13.7 million, then Saudi Arabia with 13 million, and Egypt also with 11 million.


Now, after we know the importance of using Instagram as a marketing tool, let us now know how to market your products via Instagram, or more precisely (how Instagram helps you increase your profits).


There are many ways to help you increase your profits through Instagram if you have a page to sell your products or promote a service, or even if you own an online store and want to market it through Instagram…


First: – dealing with influencers

We always see that big brands and large companies dealing with celebrities like actors,

singers, or even football players to present their content or products, because the large audience trusts their opinions as celebrities.

But recently, social media influencers also support this idea!!

Social media influencers succeed in gaining the trust of the public followers and most people,

and big companies are dealing with them!! Because most of the audience trust their opinions.

You can send a sample of your products or an introduction to your services and dealing with them to publish and market them to the followers, as this helps you greatly and effectively to get a larger number of followers.

But you must realize that you cannot start with this step at the beginning of your work, develop your product or service first and then present it to the public to help you gain the confidence of your customers.


Second: – Linking your e-commerce to Instagram

According to current circumstances, many people prefer to buy online.

So, you can create a page or (profile) for your product or project on Instagram,

then make it a professional page to attract your customers and invite them to visit and browse it…

Do not forget to put all your contact information or your online store link to avoid losing your potential customers.


Third: – Paid ads on Instagram

You can also make paid ads by create creative content that attracts the customer and it must be appropriate

to your product or service field and then select your target audience so,

now you can launch the advertisement to the public to gain more customers and followers…

But you have to be careful not to exaggerate the ads because that will lose your credibility

and give the impression to your customers that you are looking for the sale and earn money only!

There are also many tricks that you will discover once you enter the field of Instagram marketing.

In our article, we presented you with the basics of Instagram marketing and the most common way,

dear reader, you have to be aware that your product or project is the basis for winning your customers and audience,

marketing is just a way to start publishing your product.

  So, always develop your service and product, keep up with the current conditions,

and search for the convenience of the customer, then we guarantee you fast success.


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