landing pages is the place that the customer or user turns to when they click on the link in the advertisement to switch them to your website, it’s like a customer’s gate to your website.

And it has many benefits like you can collect the required information about your customers

or visitors to your website and enables you to communicate with them to make the most suitable offers for them.


And also, of the types of landing pages: –


“Click-through” pages

They give a background about your service or product before completing the purchase or registration process.

And it’s the main factor to persuade the visitor or customer to complete the purchase and it has another link to complete the purchase through it.


“Lead generation” pages

Help us to collect the largest number of customer information by entering his data in the form that appears to him when he presses the link shown in the advertisement or advertising campaign, and this is to switch the potential customers to real customers, and it’s usually using in advertising campaigns for real estate companies because through it the company’s sales team can collect the information of visitors who have a desire to buy.


So, what are the benefits of having many landing pages on your website? And how can it help you increase the traffic on your website?

having many landing pages on your website helps your visitor return to your website again, and there are many

studies that talked about the importance of making many landing pages to your website, like the “Hapspot” statistic.

Landing pages, if you have from 6 to 10 landing pages, this does not help you increase

the number of visitors, but if they are from 10 to 15 landing pages, they increase visitors to your website by 55%.

So, if you are a start-up company or website, it is okay to start with 10 pages or more, and you can increase their number as your activity develops.


Other benefits of having many landing pages on your website: –


divide categories of visitors easier

It is the most important feature as it enables you to classify your audience because it is difficult to predict the categories of users or visitors to your website,

this gives users greater opportunities to reach or find their goal to visit your website,

which makes the time of their visit longer.

 So, that helps you increase the traffic on your website, for example: – If you offer an online store for clothes,

you can divide your website according to the type of visitor, their age, and the items they are looking for,

whether it is children’s clothing, women’s or men’s clothing.


collect more information about your customers easily 

Understanding the personality of your target audience, or what is called “persona”, is the most important element for doing your marketing campaigns effectively, and through it,

you can also know how to communicate with them fastest!! And knowing the customer’s behavior,

for example: – Sending text messages via the mobile number or ads, photos on social media platforms, or via EMail.

So, creating many landing pages for your website helps you increase the number of visitors to your website and also increase your sales, and the most important thing is to know the requirements of your audience and customers and know their behavior.


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