present to you who are, we are a Saudi website development company. 

Our goal is to maintain our progress and innovation in everything

related to websites and web applications and digital marketing,

and we also specialize in technical consultations.

 the belief of the founders of that technical skills can be acquired through continuous learning,

but personal skills are the first thing we care about in a team the work.

who are

Our methodology in projects:

We follow in the methodology of flexibility with the needs of our customer,

customer can follow the steps of the project, as we understand the requirements of the client in an accurate way,

our teamwork presents proposals and offers, discusses the client to reach the final idea,

Then, signing a non-disclosure agreement, these steps are done through meeting with the client directly or by the Internet (online meeting),

we provide him with full support after the project is delivered and continue developing with him.


First: find out what you need to implement

We determine your needs first in terms of deciding whether it is a website or an online store

supports your business, or an application to provide service, or all of them together.

Then, we move to the stage of selecting your goals and help you to reach your audience in different and new ways.

 And it is what makes us different in also support all-new innovative and creative ideas.


Second: The Non-Disclosure Agreement

We realize that the information that you share with us is private information,

 it cannot be shared, according to business terms and preserving your information as a customer,

so we’ll present to you the agreement to ensure that the information provided to us is not leaked.


Third: Technical specifications

a document prepared by the Nuxero team, it includes the solutions and ideas proposed by

shifters.techteam to solve the problems, as well as clarifying the project implementation stages and

timetable for each stage.


Fourth: Selective implementation stages

Details and quality are also important! Because on which the implementation in all its stages is based.

Focusing at every stage of the design and development of the project is our attention,

It leads us to shorten and simple process

So, how do work?


Agile programming methodology:

A methodology used by in implementing software development projects for websites

and web applications, which defines the practices that ultimately lead to the completion and launch of your project with higher quality.

By selecting all the technical features required in the software in a board called Project Backlog based on

 study of your audience and potential users, these features are formulated in cards from the point of view of “User Persona”.


Waterfalls methodology:

 waterfall methodology is a sequential design process,

and its stages are easily navigated, where a stage is started (analysis, design, programmatic build)

 It’s a methodology used in software development processes,

which is progressive as it flows steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the stages of conception,

initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production/implementation, and maintenance.”


And now, you know who

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