Mobile applications have become a very important part of our life

because they provide daily services and tasks such as online shopping or research,

providing services like maintenance, delivery, money transfer, shipping, and video calls over the Internet,

all in an easy and fast way.

And one of the most important thing to creating a phone application are the commercial activities as we explained in a previous article,

and the statistics have shown that 54% of mobile applications are shopping applications and that 89% of customers prefer shopping through mobile applications,

including from e-commerce websites as The percentage of sales increased to shop through mobile applications to 40%,

due to the easy and good buying experience that provides to its customers that can be carried out from their place,

avoiding the crowding of shops and moving between the different departments, and this saves a lot of effort.

Some goals that smart phone applications achieve for business:

Some goals that smart phone applications

  • The best cost for internet marketing and more effective.
  • Increase the customer’s numbers and increase the sales volume also.
  • Easier and faster communication with Customers.
  • Increase brand awareness.

 SO! If you have your own business and looking to expand it, creating with a mobile app, is a good opportunity for your business.

Benefits of mobile applications for e-commerce :

“The field of commerce is one of the areas where there are many risks, especially if this e-commerce is online, and to avoid these risks, you should look to the benefits that will accrue from this business, and these are the best way to success”

And now! We will be showing some of the benefits of mobile applications to help you make a decision either by taking a step to create a mobile application or not.

The most important benefits of smartphone applications:

  • Commercial activity growth : 

mobile applications let you save time, r It makes it easier for your customers to reach you Also, it helps you to expand the geographical area by covering more space than an ordinary store can achieve!

 So Having your mobile app on your customers ‘phones means that you have become part of these devices.

And also this is a good opportunity to increase customer interaction with your online store, as you can inform your customers about everything new about you through phone notifications to avoid annoying ads.

By attracting the largest number of potential customers, increasing sales volume, and increasing customer engagement and loyalty to the brand.

  • New marketing channel:

mobile applications have proven themselves from the beginning, and with their continuous development, as an integrated marketing channel.

And also, It contributes to achieving the desired marketing objectives in harmony with other marketing channels and campaigns, mainly due to what these applications can do. 

We will show you some of them:

  • Collecting customer data in an organized and preserved manner.
  • Greater and more accurate ability to target potential customers.
  • The special way of showing products.
  • Promotional offers and discounts.
  • Save customers time and effort at the lowest possible cost.
  • Follow-up and analysis of customer movements, which helps the marketing campaigns to develop.
  • It is complementary and consistent with other marketing channels.

  • Effective and successful advertising campaigns:

As we said in the previous paragraph, phone applications have a great ability to collect and store customer data, This is by first downloading the mobile app and then registering an account in it for the customer to be able to log in.

then, the application takes (name, phone number, email, social media accounts from which it was registered).

and by collecting this information and analyzing it well, you can run advertising campaigns with less targeting

For example, you can make a targeted advertising campaign on e-mail by offering Eid, for example, by sending email/phone messages to all your existing customers, and this is with the push of a button.

Also, this is achieved in advertising posts on social media!

  • clients loyalty:

We used to hear the word customer loyalty and every trader seeks to earn them, but how do you think this can be done ?!

Customer loyalty to your store comes when the customer feels comfort and trust, and he should rest assured of both, but for trust, it comes through presenting opinions and ratings of previous customers of each product.

But the convenience of making the purchase process easy from the first sign in until receiving the shipment,

through the presentation.

All this makes customers feel that dealing with your online store is reliable as well as comfortable,

and this ensures that they come back to you again and again.

So, Dear client That was some of the benefits that smart phone applications offer for e-commerce so far,

and As we see that It is in continuous daily development, you must follow your business on the application constantly and update the new version.