Own an online store and be where your customers are, based on studies conducted about the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The number of Internet and smartphone users reached 32.23 million

They spend an average of 7 hours 46 minutes of their daily time on the Internet

And the shopping applications got 55% of the internet users.

These percentages help greatly to the development of the e-commerce market in the Kingdom.

Now tell me how much time do your customers spend in your real store?

Imagine, dear reader, how much profit you can make if your customers can visit your store wherever they are!

E-commerce means the future, so every business must reserve its place in this future.

Now let us show you some of the benefits the online stores offer compared to real stores.

  • Expand your business locally and globally:-

Have you ever met anyone who owns a product that you didn’t find in local markets like the new version of smartphones before it launches?

Or one of the special books! So, you asked his owner how he got it? The answer was, “I bought it online from Amazon”

Having an online store gives you the opportunity to attract customers around the world,

And don’t worry about shipping, because shipping companies deliver your items with reasonable cost, and collect your cash in a trusted way.

What about a country as large as Saudi Arabia?

You will find difficulty in controlling the local market by dealing with branches and traditional trade, while the internet helps you to reach your customers, wherever they are.

  • Save effort and get away from the crowds:-

Although shopping is fun for some people, and they make time for it, but it is for others stressful process because of the effort and the crowds,

And this kind of customers when you save Their effort move between stores , and then move between their departments makes them feel happy

And the idea of ​​escaping from the crowds makes them feel comfortable.

In this case, having an online store is a good chance to add this type of customer to  your existing customer list


In fact, some stores make offers and discounts when you order through the online store, to escape the crowding of branches during the holidays and seasons.

  • The safety factor in e-commerce:-

Safety in money transfers is a main factor, and a basis factor in the e-commerce process

so, this has received great attention from people working in the development of the field of technology and communications, which has made an awesome development in recent years.

We are not saying that it has reached 100%, but almost 98% of credit card users on the Internet are not worried about that.

Only 2% of them are afraid to use their credit cards

so, they can complete the online purchase through the cash on delivery.

  • digital Marketing:-

Any business needs marketing, and the marketing process is mainly based on the study of user’s behavior, that costs millions of dollars yearly.

but in traditional trade, this study is based on reports of very limited factors and is mainly the result of a user’s question directly.

but in e-commerce, you can know more about  behaviors of users like a device type, place they live in, place of work, the time they spend on the internet and others,

Many sites provide these services in detail, like Google Analytics, all of this with one button.

Based on these reports, you can build a strong marketing campaign.


  • availability for 24 hours:-

The more hours we work, the more we get customers, increasing sales is the first and primary goal of any business.

Now, dear reader, tell me how many hours can your real store achieve?

10 hours, what if we add an employee shift? 12 hours with two shifts cost.

But the online store gives you a 24-hour presence of work with a very simple cost.


  • Less costing:-

If you are thinking of opening a new branch for your business, how much will it cost you?!

First, the location and electricity, regardless of the salaries of new employees for the new branch.

What about a new branch in a parallel world that provides you all the benefits we mentioned? I think it would be a totally unfair comparison.

Finally , dear reader, your business on the Internet through building your website ensures that you are in the Presence of the future, so there is no doubt that the world of the Internet is part of the present.