The online stores are the future of the business, creating an online store makes sure that

your business will be successful but the internet world is full of online stores.

How can you beat your competition? And take the attention of your customers, in a very competitive world?

Here are some things that you should take care about it in creating an online store,

to make the most benefit of being online and to lead your competition.

Choose the basics of your online store: –

  • First: – Domain name 

It is the address of your online store, the name at the top of the browser page.

The domain name is one of the most important and first topics of your site,

as we said as your address, so you must take care of some things that make it more effective.

  • it must be unique, don’t choose a domain name that is close or similar to other websites.
  • Choose it short and easy, expressing your project and your professionalism in your field.
  • Make it easy to remember and avoid adding signs and numbers.

And now, after choosing the domain name, you must link it to the hosting,

but if you got it from the same hosting site, the link will happen automatically.

  • Second: – hosting

Hosting means is the space that your site take from the internet world, Equal to the size of your store on the ground.

And now you need to rent this space from a company that provides hosting services as if you are renting a store from the owner of the real commercial market.

     then it is a very important thing in creating websites, especially if it is an online store. 

  the online stores need to be able to have large numbers of visitors at the same time.

 In addition to download speeding, and a technical support ready to solve any    error in a short time.

 and you need safety to gain the trust of customers in order to take over financial transactions without concern is mainly supported by hosting.

All of these things can be done with a better hosting than other hosts.

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  • Third: – the layout

The layout is the exterior of the website, and the general view, it is considered as the decoration of your real store.

And You should take care of some things before beginning the layout: 

  • make the user experience better: You must do a study of user behaviors within the websites to find a best way to direct your customers,
  • work with all devices: This makes sure that you will contact customers using 92% of smartphones.
  • show your products in detail: The product show must include a detailed description, and don’t make a copy of description from other sites, like a high-quality picture, explanatory video, if any.

And This helps your customers make their buying decisions without hesitation.

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the payment methods:

If you have a payment method trusted like a PayPal, it’s known to the confidence of customers, it will give you credibility with your clients.


Marketing is a continuous process, and if it stopping it means your business also stops.

And we have an important thing that you should focus on: 

–  Preparing the search engines is necessary and ignoring it means that you have created a site that no one will know about.

 – Interact with your customers permanently on social media.

–  Having a blog that has the latest news on the website and guides your customers to how use, and informs them about everything new about your business. 

– show the customer’s review can make you win the confidence of your potential customers.

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and finally, these were the most important things that you should be concerned with when you will create your online store, and if you don’t have a time, don’t worry, we at Shifters will take care of them on your behalf.