search engines have become essential, creating  a website that supports your business, and the lack of a website wastes a lot of great opportunities to reach the target audience,

if you already have a website, you should work to improve its visibility in the search results,

thus ensuring you more visits and therefore more clients and Increasing sales, it also helps to look professional.

Studies have proven that a large percentage of the audience trusts the first page results on search engines that appear for a search query, and the rate decreases gradually.

It almost disappears after the fourth page,

so tells you the top 7 tips for ranking  your website on search engines


pay attention to the blog:

It is a great tool used for marketing and to bring visits and views,

in large companies that have a big website,

you find that the blog is the best way to communicate with the target audience and also the fastest.

The blog is like a library that has similar topics or tips that benefit the audience or educate the user, so it is a very effective marketing tool,

we recommend that you now pay attention to the blog on your website,

all you have to do is find a content writer who will help you in this step.


It works on keywords related to the field of your website or your business, and this is what helps your digital presence greatly in the sense that it helps who search about you to reach your business professionally and quickly to your website on search engines like google.

If your site is difficult to reach customers or those looking for your field of work, you should seek the help of a specialist in SEO to help you get the step done easily.

update your website content continuously:

don’t make the main goal from creating your website just the digital presence or increase the number of visits.

and must update the content on your website because the Old content of the website results in big losses, for example: – Loss of credibility when changing the price of the product in your store and not update it on Your website, this gives the customer the impression of lack of credibility.

So, dear reader, you are supposed to constantly update your content and it is better to use the Green Content. If you do not have enough time or experience, you can Hire a specialist writer or content maker to do this in a professional way.

Follow to know more about the green content.

Don’t ignore smartphones: –

Most of the time people spend on the Internet now through phones and smart devices, so your site is supposed to fit the display through smartphones.

And mot having an application for your business means that you will lose a lot of customers and it will be difficult for you to reach the target audience. If you don’t have the ability or expertise enough, you can use a programmer to do this step in a perfect way.

Contact info: –

The contact information is one of the most important things that you should care about and make it easily accessible to the visitor so that he can communicate with you easily.

 and comes before it a welcoming text for the visitor on your website, and tells who wants to reach you must check the contact information

 The contact information includes the e-mail, the office phone number, the mobile phone number, and we cannot forget the address in detail and the map location, which makes it easier to reach more.

Connect your website to social media platforms: –

Customers don’t have to be around just by searching for your website, as a large percentage of them are only on social media in general.

So, it is necessary to link your website to your company’s social media platforms to give you a higher percentage of visibility. For example, linking to your website to your social media accounts helps the customer to follow the company and its services, and vice versa.

Make your website homepage a promotional video: –

Promotional videos are one of the best tools presented on the homepage of the website as it helps to increase the percentage of visitors because not all customers just want to read about you, some of them prefer videos significantly.

The video world has many different types that can serve the website in its fields and types.

You can hire a professional in this field to take this step professionally because the video will be an interface to your website.

And now, dear reader, after we finished our article, Shifters tells you that you can now use Shifter to provide all these steps for you efficiently and professionally and to save your effort and time in searching for each specialist separately. waiting for you