Website or Mobile application and why? this what we will explain in our article 

digital transformation has become very important for any activity, so many companies have taken this step to have a website or mobile application.

But the first question is, do I have to create a website or mobile application?

Many companies/people are very confused to answer this question and get out of it to more and more questions.

Which one serves my brand? what the best way connects me with my clients? Which one increases my sales? And many questions.

In this article, we will tell you some things that help you to make your decision.

 before we start to compare between websites and mobile application, we need to know them first:-

 the Websites compatible with smart devices:-


it’s like other websites, works through available browsers on the device.

Whether it’s a laptop/tablet / mobile/computer because it’s designed to be compatible with device sizes.all 

For example, in smartphones, words and images are smaller, and coordination between them is different from other devices, in addition to being compatible with touch.

Mobile Application:-

Mobile application

Those applications can’t be accessed through Internet browsers, but you have to download it from the Application Store.

Depending on the operating system of your device, if  Android, you should download it from google play. If IOS, you should download it from the App Store.

And after we talked about all of the mobile applications and websites compatible with the This question mainly depends on the field of the company’s activity and goals,

If you want to introduce the company, and show its data and reach customers, then your choice is a website that is compatible with smart devices.devices…

The question comes, website, or a mobile app?

So, If you are looking to create an interactive platform, then choosing the Mobile phone application it will be the best choice for you.

Some companies work on multiplying their marketing platforms, so it will be better to choose both options.

But in general, creating a website compatible with all devices is the first step you should start with.

To be able to choose on a clear basis, we will show you the benefit of each.

Features of websites compatible with devices:-

  • Available immediately :

The website compatible with smart devices is available once the user enters the domain of the website in the browser, it becomes present and doesn’t need any effort to search for the application in the Appstore and wait for it to be downloaded.

  • Issued in one copy :

The website compatible with smart devices is suitable for different types of devices.

but the Mobile application needs a separate version for each operating system (Android and IOS), and that means a higher cost.

  • Easy to develop and update :

The websites are easier and more flexible in terms of developments and updates.

So, if you want to update the design and some parts of the content on the website, all you have to do is edit and then reload the page to see the changes and follow up with them.

In the mobile applications, it’s more complicated, as you must work on updates with separate copies to comply with the different operating systems, then upload them, and to follow it, the user must first download the new version of the application.

  • Easy to find :

 website is easy to find, as it appears in different search engines, and you can also guide your customers to it through the link.

but the mobile phone application is only available on the operating system’s online store, such as (App Store – Play Store).

  • Sharing :

    Code QR

 process of sharing the compatible website on the devices is easy between users through a simple link

(like an email message, text message, Facebook, or Twitter).

As well as the ease of printing the website’s name on the identification card or any other marketing materials. While the application is difficult to share and the QR code may be a solution to the sharing and downloading process too.

  • Product life period :

The compatible site is always available for users to browse anytime, anywhere.

While the application should be available on the phone, studies said that users are getting rid of applications by deleting them from devices within 30 days if they don’t achieve important interests or are not useful. 

  • The website instead of the application :

It is possible to develop a website compatible with devices so that it has a database that works a lot like the original mobile application.

  • Lower cost and time :

Creating a compatible website needs much less time and cost compared to mobile applications.

especially if the application needs to be present on different platforms so that it needs the development of multiple copies.

  • Development and support :

mobile applications need continuous support and development from the moment the experimental version is launched.

This means more cost and difficulty, while the website is only developed when needed.

Features of mobile Applications:-

Although choosing the website in many cases is the best choice, but, mobile applications are the best in some cases, and this depends on the activity field and the features it needs in terms of the application,

 including the following:-

  • Interactive of games : 

Games need great interactivity, and this is what mobile applications provide compared to websites, for example, Candy Crush game.

  • Accurate reports and accounts: 

Some mobile applications are highly capable of providing full support and detailed reports of different operations.

 and This is what we find in the applications of banks as well as applications of electronic stores.

  • compatibility and speed with GPS :

Applications have added to our lives a lot of useful services that have become very important.

This is because it provides the service quickly and also accurately.

 who doesn’t have on his phone an application like WhatsApp, which provides easy and fast messaging and also the Uber application, which depends on the GPS program to connect the user to his driver?

  • No internet connection needed :

Some applications don’t need to connect to the Internet, but you can browse them without the Internet, and once you connect to the Internet, it automatically updates the content and displays the new content.

  • Daily follow-up :

If the service provided by the application needs daily follow-up, like health care applications, exercise, and measurement of steps, or services provided periodically, like home and carpet cleaning.

In the end, dear reader, from the above, answer to a question: a website or mobile application? has become clear, it is basically and totally depending on the field of your service.

First, you need to know what you offer then choose the right one for you to be able to achieve success.

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