Social media become a channel to communicate with others and a space to express opinions and show experiences.

so, some people now use it as a reference before making purchases, because they trust other users’ opinions 

and the Studies have shown that 92% of consumers are more confident in other users’ opinions 

than traditional marketing and advertising.

This is what leads us to know more about effective marketing, like other users opinions effect  


  • What is effective marketing?


effective marketing is simply a type of marketing that depend on influencers rather than using traditional marketing methods,

and selected the people who have an effect on the targeted audience, and then directs all marketing efforts toward them.

the effective marketing keeps changing the usual marketing rules, as the Normal profit on investment can be multiplied up to eleven times,

We find that 90% of the consumer public trust the recommendations of other people, while only 33% trust in the traditional way of advertising

and that 94% of workers in the field of marketing find the best way of  marketing is an effective means of it 

And 60% of consumers go to traditional blogs, pictorial blogs, or social media posts before making purchases for any product.

After reviewing all of the above 

 we will show to you the process of selecting the required person to do this task 

But the most important thing in this process is the gender of this person is a man or a woman?

The process is very different because both of them have Different habits and interests

They differ according to the natural biological composition of each of them, so this decision must be studied well in many ways.

We will explain it in the following: –


  • First:


 the studies show that the  women on social media, it’s more active than men

For example, we find that the percentage of women on Twitter is 22% compared to only 15% for men.

but for Facebook, women come on the top by 76% compared to 66% for men, 20% of women use Instagram versus 15% of men.

And if women come on the top in all social media platforms, men on LinkedIn take the lead from 24% to 19% for women.


  • Second:


Female followers are more engaged with the content, as research said the number of female’s likes on Instagram has been more compared to their male peers,

In fact, the use of females in this type of marketing can multiple the Interaction up to 16 times and more.

And We can’t deny the fact that most women are responsible for most purchases, which gives them the advantage of giving advice as to what to buy or not!

We also see that the woman effect not only stopped at other women but also went beyond it to reach men, as per research by Hopper HQ.

 We find the men have preferred to share and comment on women’s activity ten times more.

Or even like women’s posts on Instagram 


  • Third:


but in interacting with brands, women are more likely to express their support and experiences about these brands more than men,

and More than half of women use social media to show support for brands

And also make deals or promotions for them, compared to 36% of men.


  • Fourth:


Studies said: – Women come 35% more than men in profit

Which makes women luckier in this field.


  • Fifth:


As for the forms that women prefer when using social media, they prefer simple forms like selfies.

 and We find that 59% of women said that Selfie is their preferred type of posting,


  • Sixth:


men like videos more, as most of them own their own YouTube channel, but Women always prefer to test, review and criticize products

On the other hand, we find that men prefer video production.

As a kind of brand engagement in the marketing field.


  • Seventh:


Of course, it is not difficult to guess that  women like more to engage in the marketing of cosmetics, makeup, and fashion

While men prefer technology, sports, phone applications, communications, and cars.

 and Finally, dear reader, after looking at all of the above, we find that your choice of the person who will market  to your product with affected way, depending on the gender, male or female,

In the end, your product will define which one you should deal with.

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