We can’t deny that the internet is very useful and spending your time online

is a great benefit  as people can join universities without having to move a foot. You can travel to new places by only watching 360 videos .

It is amazing how the internet makes it easy to gain knowledge .

But on the other way using the internet can be misused on many levels  .

In this article we will not discuss how the internet is misused.

On the contrary this article will be your guide to insure highest benefit from you from your online time .

1- Set your time :

First thing you have to do is to set the amount of time you spend on the internet and the things you want to do in this time .

For example the websites you would like to check ,the courses you want to enroll in and the languages you want to learn. 

2- social media websites :

We all love social media and how it can express us and connect us easy and fast .

If you are not working in the social media field you can use social media in connecting with others and build  a list of connections that will help you in your career .

and you can do that by creating a linked in account and start to connect with people working in the same field as you and sharing their experience 

3- shopping :

Shopping never been easier.now you can shop almost everything you need online from cloth ,

food ,furniture appliances you name it  .

shopping online gives you the benefit of time saving and variety view by surfing different online stores .

Know the benefits of owning online shop 


Email account does not only allow emailing but it can be your virtual assistant.

It offers you many benefits like setting your calendar and tasks  and making a reminder for events and tasks on time.

All you have to do is to provide the tasks and events on your calendar .

5- Knowledge, skills and experience:

Finally, you can use the Internet to gain knowledge, skills and experience,

That is why we will provide you with 5 great websites to visit and benefit from:

Coursera: It is a website that provides a lot of courses.

Ted: You can see the amazing Ted speakers and their stories in all fields .

Goodreads: If you want to express your opinion about books, start and subscribe to this amazing website where there are a lot of reader and book recommendations.

Quora: amazing website and mobile app, where you can find the answer to every question you have.

Today I discovered: This is where you can discover new information every day.