Increase sales in Ramadan are one of the concerns of every vendor especially if it is online commerce.

Ramadan is a special case, the demand for the purchase increasing of different goods, so the competition becomes stronger

In the current time people are still want to buy their needs, but what stopped them is reaching the seller.

Here comes the role of the vendor, taking advantage of available opportunities,

and knowing how to reach his customers before his competitors.

The question is, how can you increase sales online during Ramadan? 

In this article, we will suggest some outlines that you should follow to increase sales during Ramadan.

First: preparing marketing and sales team 

The marketing team is one of the main Pillars that you will depend on it in this seasons and occasions

the team should prepare a marketing campaign suitable for Ramadan.

Here are some things to consider,

posting during Ramadan:

  • take care of the most effective times:

Ramadan has a special time that differs from the normal day, as people have different habits in it.

For example, the times they spend on phones browsing social media channels differ.

Which mostly depends on the Suhoor and Iftar,

So, it varies from city to other and you have to consider the place of your target audience

For example, in Saudi Arabia, the most effective times are from 12 pm to 3 am.

During the day

and you should also consider your activity type. For example,

if you serve food, you should know that the search rate for restaurants increases from 6 to 8 pm and also from 12 to 2 am.

The search for restaurants increases from


  • Consider the customer’s favorite content-type:

The studies show that watching videos increase 30% more during Ramadan, so making your ads content videos will increase the chance of being viewed by your customers.

  • Know the most active platforms:

Here are the results of a study conducted on the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan offers:

the customer who buys online is the most difficult in the process of persuasion 

So, your offers should be attractive to him because offers one of the ways to persuade customers

and  Ramadan is one of the months the customer expects special offers so, you should beware of disappointing them.

Here are some suggestions for Ramadan offers that you can use to increase your sales:

  • Make offers for a limited time or until stock is over
  • show the previous client’s opinions to gain the trust of new customers.
  • Discounts on the second piece.
  • Discounts if paid by credit card.
  • make a Ramadan competition with a big prize for everyone who purchases more than a certain amount, then make the operation of Draw on the last day of the month.
  • Make a discount if he purchased a group of products, for example, if you purchase this skirt and coat This bag will get a 10% discount.
  • Provide free samples for a product when buying another product.

العروض الرمضانية

Knowing the customer’s needs:

Before asking, how to increase my sales in Ramadan? You need to know the needs of your customers, as this is a key factor in choosing the marketing strategy that you will follow.

For example, if you sell dairy products, you should focus when Speak to your customer the fact that your customer need products like milk and yogurt to reduce symptoms of thirst during fasting, or products like juices and cold drinks as well.

So, you need to know your customers’ needs for your product to know how to talk to them through their needs.

and It is not necessary to be a vendor of food products to take advantage of the opportunity of Ramadan.


What if you were one of those who provide sessions in the art of embroidery, so you can do a training course for example on Islamic embroider that fits with  Ramadan, simply you can say to the customer now you need to decorate the furniture, rooms and even clothes to match the Ramadan so, I am the perfect choice for you … etc.


So, knowing your customers’ needs can help you to increase sales during Ramadan.

Using social marketing:

we mean by social marketing: promoting to human action and social behavior that is very popular with people and then mentioning your brand or the name of your store.

but should be who owns this action or a reference to it.

One of these examples is the Vimto ad for Ramadan 2020, which explains social behaviors and customs during Ramadan, of which Vimto has become a part.

Check your stock goods:

the very important thing is making sure that you have enough quantity for this season. There is nothing worse than when the customer asking about a specific item, and the response is (sorry it’s not available).

so, you should make sure to request more quantity and also agree with your colleagues who share the same things to provide you with one or two pieces in such cases and the matter is mutual for them.

Discussions during the sales process:

Your sales staff must always have a present mind.

and have a different offer. If he feels that the customer is about to retreat, give him a better offer that suits his needs, like a discount business, or offer a product that is less in price.

so, if you are going to lose 10, you must earn 8, you only lose 2.

After-sales service:

Your relation with your customers doesn’t end when the sale process is done, but that is the beginning of the relation, either to buy again or to make your client nominates you among his friends, so you must ensure that your customers are satisfied and know their reviews on the service or the Product that you provide.

For example, you can send a questionnaire about the product/service via e-mail / mobile phone, and this what you must ensure that they know during the sale process via the website.

Customer service and complaints:

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph that customer satisfaction is an important thing, the first step in customer satisfaction is solving problems and complaints as quickly as possible So, you need a ready and trained customer service team to respond and resolving these complaints, and flexible and organized system for resolving complaints also can help them.

Second: online store

and the results will be sure from all previous efforts of the marketing and sales team if we were able to apply them through the sales process that requires the presence of a store and if the current conditions refer to that, the online store is the best solution in the current circumstances and you have to take care of some things to get the maximum benefit from it.

  • Good hosting:

If you want to increase sales, then you expect a lot of visits and customer accounts on your website, so you should make sure that your hosting bears that number.

  • Website design:

The website design should be appropriate with the Ramadan and also it should be easy to move between departments with instructions for clients and don’t forget about the speed as it is a very important factor.

  • Payment methods:

You have to provide a variety of different payment methods like a credit card payment or cash on delivery to suit different customers. 

because You don’t want to lose any of them.

  • Ways to contact:

Provide different ways of communicating with customers, like contact 

by Email, or direct chat on the website or the WhatsApp.

In the end, dear readers, these were some of the things that increase sales in Ramadan, but you need to know that the quality of your product is the basis.

Provide good service with good marketing and communication and you will achieve good results.

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