Digital transformation is not only distinguished by in the technical settings of vehicles,

it is a process that is currently taking place in all institutions, companies, and sectors in society.

This is mainly the result of the transformation on the internet has made in society in the recent period.

One of the reports said that the annual digital growth rate in the world compared

to January 2019 and January 2020 reached + 7% of Internet users.

Digital transformation means the transformation of institutions and companies

to the digital system in their work completely, and this can save time, cost,  and be greater efficiency,

and flexibility in data processing and increased productivity.

Digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:-

The Kingdom is one of the countries that pursue the field of it in its governmental institutions.

The Saudi government provides 944 government services digitally 

The percentage of implementation of digital government transactions reached 37%.

As for citizens, 86.8% of Saudi families have internet.

The largest share of the digital transformation was in the commercial field,

as 33 billion riyals is the volume of digital commerce in the Kingdom,

which is equivalent to 45% of the volume of digital commerce in the Middle East and the Arab world.

Corporate continuity and its relation to digital transformation:-

it’s has become a necessity,

not a preferred option, as some large companies have declared bankruptcy

because they have not taken this step.

Radio Shack:-

One of the most famous of these companies was Radio Shack, “United States of America”, which was known as the largest and most famous company

in the retail trade of electronic devices, it was Launched in 1991 and reached its glory in 1999.

From here, the bankruptcy journey started with the emergence of e-commerce

and online purchases through websites like Amazon and eBay,

who provided all the shortages of Radio Shack stores and also at cheaper prices.

On March 31, 2015, the company was officially declared bankrupt

and its failure to digitally transform was the main reason in this.


It is the first and largest bookstore library established in 1971,  and

It had many successes for more than three decades,

but by the early years of the twenty-first century,

there is a new challenge with the company like an online bookstore 

In 2007, Amazon Kindle launched, and Barnes & Noble in 2009.

They provide customers all books with home delivery.

so, it’s difficult for the company to continue after its clients were attracted fastly, and in 2011 the company

was declared bankrupt, 399 stores closed and 10,700 employees laid off.

We have seen the impact of digital transformation on large companies like RadioShack and Boarders,

so how do you think their impact on medium and small companies?

After we have seen the necessity of the digital transformation,

let us tell you the advantages and the challenges it faces.

Advantages of digital transformation:-


Digital transformation helps companies and governments reach clients/citizens in a broader scope and ability

to cover a broader audience target.

new services and new business areas:-

If we want to complete the process of digital transformation,

we need competencies capable of achieving a digital presence in a way that suits the activity of your company 

It is a constantly evolving field, so it’s opening many fields to learn all new

and create new job opportunities.

Data storage and analysis:-

The Internet has a very high capacity to store and analyze data, so this gives companies the ability to collect data

from all customer interactions and sources in a useful and implementable format to improve customer experiences.

lower price:-

The digital transformation and technology save the operating salaries of companies and institutions and an increase in sales.

It also improves customer communication.


Challenges facing the digital transformation:-

As for the challenges, the biggest of them is the need for a lot of capabilities

that enable your company to go in digital transformation easily and efficiently.

In addition to the fast development in this field, which needs continuous monitoring.

Also, fear of information security risks.

In the end dear reader,

if you are the owner of a large or small company or you are the one who charges of developing institutions,

you should focus on digital transformation.

if the internal transformation of the company’s system to be a digital system

or an external by being on the Internet,

through an official website, or communicate with your customers on social media.

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