Retail sale, like the clothing trade, periodic supplies, etc., has been affected by the current Circumstances.

Many owners of these businesses have been suspended completely.

But it is usual when facing any crisis, as there are those who can find solutions if they look at things from a different perspective.

Let’s discuss in this article some of the challenges the retail faced in selling and what solutions are available, but first, let’s know what is a retail sale.

What are retail sales mean?

The retail sale means the sale of a good / service to customers directly and includes any trade

which deals directly with the end consumer.

Examples: groceries, supermarkets, clothing stores of all kinds,

cosmetics and perfume shops, personal care products, detergent stores, fast food shops … etc.

But there are some producers who cannot afford the cost of a store the solution will be in retail stores,

as known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the family stores.

In which the owner of the product rents a corner in those stores in with a percentage of profits or daily rent,

for example, “The corner -Muse -Number nine – Black posh”

The family stores would give small retailers an opportunity to show their products to customers

so, the idea is for customers to be here to buy.

Retail sale Challenges:-

Currently, retail activities are facing a big problem in reaching customers

and some of them have forced to stop its activity completely.

Here are some of the challenges they face:-

  • The absence of consumers due to the curfew.
  • Stored goods and storage costs, and the possibility of damage.
  • Traditional marketing methods are expensive.

Today,  offers to this category unique and fast solutions that can save some from bankruptcy.

First:- the online store

The online store is a website on which you can show your products and manage the purchase process from beginning to end,

and the website can provide you with a lot of features, including:-

  • Quick and easy addition of new products through the control panel.
  • The views include price, pictures, and details of the product.
  • Payment methods by credit card.
  • Statistical reports on your site visitors: Monitor visitor traffic and give a real assessment of the progress of work
  • on your website.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Customer contact form with the company.
  • Dashboard for website management is easy to handle and control.
  • Compatibility with search engines.

as we have variety in retail sales on real. Also, we have a variety in the online store that can be a supermarket, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, … etc.

As for the small retailers and family stores, building an online store is the same benefit on the Internet as it was between them on the real.

That is if the owners of these family stores seize the opportunity,

make an online store under the same brand

The retailers rented pages from this website or work the normal

then the benefit to both parties and they can save their activities

We also mentioned in the previous article about opportunities for the supermarket to have a digital presence.

Second:- Marketing on social media

What makes marketing on the social media platform special is that they are cheap and give quick results that affect your business.

This is because 72% of the total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses social media like “Twitter – Facebook – Instagram … etc.”.

And with the curfew, this percentage is increasing if it has become the only gate for them to the outside world and communication between them.

As for starting to market through social media, you will have three basic steps:-

  • Create accounts on social media channels.
  • Account management with promotional content and posts.
  • Manage campaigns on social media channels and Google advertising campaigns.

Third:- online-shopping application 

Many customers prefer to use mobile than laptops and computers.

Also, online shopping applications in a high level of use, as 55% of mobile applications are shopping applications.

This is a great opportunity for retail owners to have an application that helps them achieve better sales

and maintain their presence in the arena during the current conditions and works to expand its geographical scope.

Fourth:- Shipping and delivery

Retail activities should provide delivery and shipping.

If customers are unable to reach you,

you must reach them !! 

And that is by employing who delivers the product or contracting with a shipping company.

in the end, dear reader, you should always see available solutions and not be afraid to take risks and invest in them, as this may be the lifeblood of your business.