If you are a supermarket or grocery owner, the chance of your digital presence is much higher than other activities.

because the product you offer doesn’t need much detail to display.

Let’s say that you are now going to buy a liter of milk from the supermarket

 All that you will ask about is the types of brands available, the prices, and finally the expiration date. After knowing the answers, you will quickly decide.

This is all because it was the first time,

but with repetition, you already know what you want,

but you will still ask for the expiration date.

How often do you buy from the supermarket?

Groceries are one of the things that people need periodically with different levels and budgets.

Sugar, tea, rice, oil, milk, etc.  are very important things in every home.

Now after we have confirmed that the grocery supply customers mostly know of what they want

and don’t need much detail or preview the product before purchasing it.

Also, they are indispensable for your products,

and this is an opportunity that all supermarket and grocery owners must invest in,

especially with the current situation, most people fear to leave their homes.

What does digital presence achieve for you from traditional presence?

Digital Presence has many advantages:

  • Easy access to and communication with customers.
  • The cost of your digital presence is much lower compared to the cost you spend on your presence in traditional ways.
  • Expand your geographical area and work to increase customers.
  • The ability to make a report on the number of visitors to your website and form your customers more accurately and easily.

You can learn more about the benefits of a digital presence for your business from this article.

 Now let’s show how digital presence is for a supermarket.

First: Create a website to show products

Choose a domain name:

The domain name serves as your grocery/supermarket address. 

It is located at the top of the browser page, and you have to be careful to include

the name of the supermarket/grocery store and you can include the word supermarket or grocery store with it,

For example: If you own a supermarket called “happiness” then the domain name is expected to be “supermarket_elsaada.com or baqalt_elsaada.com”.


It is like your online store occupies, in exchange for what is in your storage space.

And hosting is one of the important things in websites,

online stores, and especially a supermarket’s website because it achieves two important things for you.

  1. The ability to accommodate a large number of visitors at one time and your visitors need your products regularly,
  2. it is expected that their number will be large.
  3. The safety factor for information is what you need to protect your information first and also protect the data of customers who pay with their credit cards.

How to display products:

How to display products is an important thing in the online store, but groceries don’t need much detail, but like other products, they must be presented in an attractive way to the consumer’s eye.

Also, you should consider that the method of ordering the product is easy and simple and that the instructions are clear to your customer.

And put products and categorize them in the form that your customers are familiar with in real stores.

Provide different payment methods:

Customers differ in their preferences for payment methods, some of them prefer to pay through credit card and you can adopt the method of payment through PayPal, it is a trusted method.

You can also provide the method of payment cash in delivery, to those who not prefer the first method.

Second: Appear on search engines

After you have a website for your supermarket, you should appear to those looking for products that you offer.

Otherwise, what is the benefit of having a supermarket locker door! So, now you have to work to appear in the search engine results as “Google”.

and for the Middle East, Google has led its counterparts, as most websites in the Middle East are competing to appear the first results in Google.

 And this is done in two ways:

  1. Creating your website for search engines: It is something that requires working on the site’s content greatly and competition is free, which is known as “SEO”.
  2. paid advertising on search engines and competition is driven by the word that customers search in the search engine.

For this, you have to do a study of the words your customers use to search for your products.

and you must Know that customers differ between regions in the words used, for example, whoever wants to search for a supermarket can search with the word supermarket, shop, or grocery, so, should know what your customers are using.

and you can with this study, make an advertising campaign through the appropriate words to increase the number of visitors to your website and thus increase sales.

Third: Social media

72% of the total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses social media like “Twitter – Facebook – Instagram … etc.”

This makes these sites a perfect place to reach and communicate with your customers.

You can work on some posts explaining to your customers the latest offers and discounts with modern and innovative designs.

 and also Paid advertisements on social media can achieve good targeting and give you quick results, which are also cheap compared to traditional ways.

Fourth:  Mobile application

We agreed that groceries are a regular requirement, and studies said 92% of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a mobile application.

Also, 55% of mobile applications are shopping applications.

so, making a mobile application for your activity makes it easier for your customers to reach you and works to expand your activity and increase sales.

And must the mobile application that is compatible with various operating systems such as “IOS – and Android”.

In the end, dear readers, create a website/mobile application becomes a very important thing in this time for your business.

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