Marketing, advertising, branding, it looks like a one-word and the same mean, but let’s see through our article the difference between them.

people confuse their uses to the word marketing, advertising, and branding,

because of the lack of clarity in the meaning of each of these in the minds of their users

It may not seem important, but it is important as you might be using, for example,

branding and all you need was to advertise to your new product,

so you would have achieved an unintended goal and moved away from your main goal.

it’s normal to be little  confusion in minds of users,

as the means of marketing, advertising, and branding are similar in some things

let’s start with marketing:




Marketing is the research, planning, and execution by any company to inform the target audience about its services/products.

It is one of the basics of the existence of any company, regardless of its size or what it provides.

Without the marketing process, no one will know that you exist,

but it is a process that precedes the existence and launch of the company.

its components

Marketing consists of several things, including advertising and branding, and from that,

we understand that advertising and branding are only part of marketing, but it includes other things,

including market research, which must be the first step before the launch of your company or your new product.

And that study is a very important factor in the success of the marketing process,

as you study everything that affects your activity directly or indirectly,

From your customers and their needs through to your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses,

finally to external factors that can affect your business like laws or the economic climate.

the market research enables you to know your strengths and weaknesses and the challenges you will face

like the opportunities that you can take advantage of,

which is known as the SWAT analysis.

Marketing mix factors

The marketing mix is ​​what the company determines based on the results of the SWAT analysis,

then it can determine the items that suit the company and its customers and product.

at first, the marketing mix consisted of only four elements,

then increased to 7, then increased again to 12, and they are now known briefly as 12 Ps.

All we mentioned about marketing is just a small part, perhaps this explains the difference between marketing terms, ads, and branding.



Advertising is one of the most important marketing tools, and as it became clear from our definition of the marketing process,

it can be said that every advertising means marketing but not every marketing means advertising.


They are the forms or patterns of communication that companies use to increase awareness of the target audience by the marketing to themselves, their products, or services.

Types of advertising

With the development of technology and the Internet, forms and types of advertising developed also and moved from the limited framework of billboards, radio, television, and newspapers

and came out to what is unlimited and more accurate in targeting and less expensive,

like the Internet, which is known as interactive advertising, Its have Many forms, like the audio, and video… etc.

Advertising goals

sometimes the advertisement has more than one goal, like news, persuasion, and ticket.

First: news It is about informing the market for the launch of a new company or a new product

Second: persuasion That is, you want to convince the customer that he needs your product

For example, advertisements for soft drinks are based on their advertisement convincing the customer that he needs something to quench his thirst in the summer.

Or milk products, you need calcium for the growth of your children or yogurt to avoid acidic fatigue and stomach fatigue after a heavy meal.

Third: the reminder If you think that you are a large company and your position in the market doesn’t need advertisements to let me tell you that you are wrong

You always have to be in the minds of your customers. 

and now ask yourself this question.

Why are big companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola still spending all that huge amounts of ads?  to be kept under the eye of customers all the time, because people only remember what they see.



Branding is a part of a company’s identity and no company can ignore the promotion itself.


We can define brand promotion as the ultimate image that you want to build for yourself in the minds of your current customers.

Or the customers that you target, so you have to work on everything that touches or expresses the company,

starting with the colors And the type of line in the company logo,

passing by the employees ’clothing, the company’s building, its location, and its website with all possible details.

For example, if you are a car lover, I can almost assure you that the first word you think of when hearing the brand name Mercedes is luxury.

The name of the most popular search engine (Google) in the minds of users was also associated with the word search,

He also reached the inclusion of the term “google it” in the English language dictionary as having the meaning I search for in Google.

The goal of branding

Working on branding is arranging your company among companies because the value of your brand equals your position on the economic map.

For example, Amazon, which is the largest online shopping company in the whole world,

now ranks on the top of global brands in terms of value as its value exceeds the barrier almost 315 billion dollars according to the latest studies.

 Also, the technology giant Apple, which ranks second with a value of 309 billion dollars

While the world’s most popular search engine, Google ranked third with $ 309 billion.

in the end, dear reader, knowing the difference between marketing and ads and branding is very important to the success of your activity,

as you can use the appropriate tool for the specific purpose.

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