The medical field is one of the most important fields that no society can avoid, and the medical field includes hospitals, clinics, even pharmacies, and laboratories.

Technology helped a lot in developing the medical field and improving its performance, and the Internet added great value to this field which is digital presence.

Digital presence includes the official website for the medical side beside the social platforms, and they complete each other

If you are a doctor or have a medical authority, the question that comes on your mind now is:-

Why should I be in the digital field?

Dear reader, in this article, we will explain the benefits of the digital presence of the medical field.

  • First: Introducing the medical field

The medical field is one of the most sensitive areas in the experience and name, and the first thing a patient looks for is the history of the hospital and the reputation to be sure that he is in the right place.

so, if you have a website that allows you to view the files of Medical institution whether it is a hospital, clinic or even a pharmacy, which must include permits and certificates guarantee that you are Certified place

and personal files for doctors showing the specializations, certificates and some opinions of patients who have previously been dealt with.

 And the doctor can respond to patients’ medical questions Through the profile.

All of this makes patient trust in you and puts you in the first list of trusted places for treatment.

  • Second: The website is a display for medical services

Your website is a perfect place to show the medical services you provide in a hospital.

so, you can show the available medical services like  labs, operations, x-rays, existing departments, clinics, and medical staff

 and Let the patient know whether all his needs are available or he needs to provide this service to the patient in the next time .

The same thing If it was a clinic.

  • Third: Create patient profiles

All Medical institutions have files for their patients so, doctors can easily Follow the patient’s medical history and health condition

After the development of technology, these files became digital files

What the site provides is the ability to show the file to the patient, so it easily creates a patient account linked to his personal mail or phone number that allows him to enter the website from anywhere and see the latest developments or the latest doctor’s instructions for him

so, patients who don’t need a direct examination from the doctor don’t need to go to the hospital / clinic.

  • Fourth: Appointment system

This system makes patients know the available appointments for all available medical specialties, and also provides the ability to cancel or postpone, and some websites send a reminder to the mail or phone.

Booking an appointment is one of the biggest advantages of the medical website, as it reduces the time the patient spends waiting for his turn. Every patient comes at the time of his reservation or minutes before it.

so, it works to reduce the crowding of hospitals and clinics, and this contributes greatly to protect against infectious diseases that increase in these places and save patients time and effort.

  • Fifth: make awareness of medical information

The website includes a blog we can share through it medical articles and public awareness campaigns 

Also, social platforms enable you to reach the target audience, through this  awareness campaigns .

For example,if you are making an awareness campaign to protect people from infectious disease, how much traditional methods will provide you?

Compared to a video that you post to your YouTube channel

And seen by 76% of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

  • Sixth: The lowest cost for advertising

the money you spend on advertising is One of the biggest challenges will meet you when you start a medical activity

Whether it is a clinic, pharmacy or laboratories

Digital marketing can provide you with more accurate targeting than traditional ways Also, lower cost

You can create an advertise on social media platforms or advertise on Google search engine and reach first for those searching for your specialty

And all this with cost, It can’t be compared with traditional ways!

Digital presence was a big reason for the success of some medical sectors. Let’s take some examples.

the success story of Vezeeta with digital presence:-

Vezeeta is one of the medical companies that has been able to achieve success through digital presence.

learn more about their success story 

In the end dear reader, the digital presence helps to develop the medical field.

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