Digital marketing is the best way for pharmacy owners to save the money they spend on traditional marketing methods.

which the pharmacists depend on to promote their services and offers.

and we have mentioned in our previous article the benefits of digital marketing for pharmacies, but now! The question is:- where should I start?

How can I Market to my pharmacy?

Let’s be your guide in this field, and we will explain the most important things that you must work on to achieve the greatest benefit from digital marketing your activity.

  • First: -social media channels

Based on studies in 2019 proved that 72% of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they use social media

This makes these websites a huge entrance for medical marketing on the Internet.

And one of the most important advice that marketers recommend to pharmacists,

is building a good relationship with their customers to win their loyalty to any activity, and one of the basics of building relationships is communication and reaching them at any time.

Now you can create your pharmacy accounts on social media channels like  (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn).

 it helps you to achieve many goals.

 This points helping  you to build a good relationship with your customers

  • make your visitors know how to connect with you, like a phone number your address, your branches if available and your website to show your products.
  • Learn more about your customers’ opinions about the service you offer it.    
  • Inform your clients of the services you offer through attractive posts.
  • Make your pharmacy a brand that offering to your customers’ value in the health and beauty field.

making paid advertisements on social media channels make the percentage of your customers go up, and One of the advantages for  these ads being cheap Compared to similar, and the results are rapid and enable you to expand your geographical area

  • Second: – having a website

Having a website helps you to show your products and services

Also, helps you to enter your pharmacy data from branch locations, phone numbers, and the area covered by the delivery service 

The website provides you with a study of your different customer types by tracking customer behavior within the website, and These patterns help you to make marketing strategies

And you have to take care that the website is compatible with all operating systems like (Android-IOS)

According to 2019 reports, the percentage of smartphone owners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 92%.

This gives a great opportunity for Pharmacies marketers to reach customers easily while browsing their phones.

  • Third: -Appear in search engines

Create a website have a blog that talks about topics related to public health, personal hygiene, and beauty,

The blog and the topics  play a main role in appearing in search engine results

 and The field of pharmacy and medicine is among the areas that prohibited

from advertising in the search engines and the Internet

So, the competition to appear in the first search results is free.

This has two benefits: the first one is free, and the second is that

you must work professionally on your website’s blog.

 and It is necessary to work on articles that tell your customers about

everything new in the field of public health and beauty

also keep your customers safe from misinformation that can harm them, especially in a sensitive field like pharmacies and medicine.

In addition, this builds trust in your work  and strengthens the links between you and your customers

and This is  the main topics you should be known in  pharmacies digital marketing,

You have to know that marketing is a continuous and long process that you must continue patiently to achieves the success 

 and If you are busy  in the medical field and you are unable to save time and effort for all of this, leave do the marketing process on your behalf and don’t worry 

However, … Knowing about this field, help your business, enhances your customer base and achieves high-level success for you