In the past, pharmacy owners used to advertise their pharmacies by banners,

that Refers to the presence of the pharmacy in a limited place , and this way attracts just the neighborhood or region people,

This is what the pharmacies with a limited budget used to do.

but the big pharmacies with large budgets, they could pay a big cost for banners and TV ads to achieve a greater increase in customer targeting

and after the internet , There has been a huge development in the field of marketing,

and  The medical field and pharmacies have not been excluded from this development.

but it played a very important role in the marketing of pharmacies, as the number of pharmacies in

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very large and in a continuous increase with the similarity of the services it provides.

so, digital marketing has become the best solution for many pharmacy owners to make themselves different from their competitors.

digital marketing Depend on some factors that helped it to succeed: –

First: Customers appear on the Internet:

That 90% of Saudi citizens use the Internet, with an average of 7 hours and 46 minutes per day they spend on the Internet, so the Internet becomes a big hall that includes a lot of potential customers.

Second: Easy to get reports about your performance and the  properties  of your audience:

The digitization of things made it easy to get consumer\customer behavior which will help you to get a marketing strategy that is fit for you and your customers, so we can get a more successful targeting of the audience.

Which also gives you indicators of your electronic performance and the impact on attracting more customers.

 There are many free providers like Google Analytics and social media reports.


Third: You are available 24 hours: –

availability for a pharmacy data to customers 24 hours a day.

And this is by registering it on the pharmacy’s website and the social media accounts.

You Make your customers free to leave their inquiries whenever they visit your website or

your account to respond to them whenever they are available.

Fourth: Professionalism and trust:

Your appearance on the Internet through a website or through social media accounts gives an impression of professionalism and keeps you updating.

It also makes your customers available to know more about you if you include your certificates and work permits on the identification page on your website, which helps them trust you more.

Fifth: the low cost:

Traditional methods allow the large pharmacies to control a marketing field because it needs a high budget.

Unlike digital marketing, it provides you the same benefits of traditional marketing with very little budget,

also, digital marketing has a completely free part; the competition in it depends on the value you offer to your customers.

This is the factor that helped the digital marketing of pharmacies succeed.

Dear pharmacy owner, we know that taking a step in digital marketing is a big step,

but you need to know that it also brings you many benefits.

and It works to improve your profits greatly, your presence on the Internet is the present and the future,

because your digital presence is necessary to ensure the continuation of your activity.

So, don’t hesitate to let help you do this step 😉

In our next article, we will explain in more detail how digital pharmacies exist

And what are the most important factors, follow us to find out what interests you in the field of digital marketing .


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