The real estate  market in Saudia Arabia considered as one of

the largest markets there it is valued by  around 1.3 trillion riyal.

When we come to the process that the unit go through we will find it goes through 3 main stages :
1- owning the unit either by building or purchasing.
2-marketing the unit .
3-finish the sale and gain profit .

In this article we will focus on the marketing stage as it is the link between

owning the unit and profit from it whether it is owned by a company or the unit’s first owner . 

In the past the traditional marketing methods were limited in printed ads ,billboards  and TV .
With the evolving technology and communication, the internet became the main player in the market .
Nowadays  seekers for owning or renting a unit first do their

search online to know the available units, the privileges ,average cost and terms of contracting . 

So let us tell you the differences between traditional and online marketing .

First traditional marketing  : 

– It is limited geographically for your potential clients as you only reach your client

in cretin time through specific channels like printed ads ,billboards and TV .
– The high cost of the traditional methods 

– The limitation of the advertisements like limited space on billboard ,

limited number of words and space on printed ads or limit seconds on TV advertising . 

– The high cost of making a market research to allocate your potential customers

Second is Digital marketing :

– It is unlimited geographically .
– Low cost and higher profit compared to traditional marketing  .
– The ability to understand your customers better by analyzing their needs and online behavior 

– Different and unlimited space and words which allow you to include all the details about your unit 

– The ability to interact directly with your audience .

After this small comparison let us take you through the your digital marketing transformation step by step

The digital world is vast and has too many tools and directions you can choose to go but with Shifters.Tech we will be your business guide throw you digital transformation and guide you to the direction that suits your business .

Next is the guidelines to achieve online success for your real estate digital marketing efforts  .


1- Create your online website:  

It takes three main steps .
-Choose your domain name :in this step you have to consider a domain name that includes your company name and your business in this case it is real estate it is like your address 

-Hosting : it is one of the main factors that affect your website quality it ensure tour security, speed and the ability to accommodate a high traffic .
So you need to choose your hosting carefully 

– Website layout : in real estate case it is the main factor as it allows you to display available units and its details .Also the intersection of your website and how you divided it and search and comparison system   


You should also consider the user experience and how easy your potential customer can reach the information wanted .
Also update your listing regularly with new listing units .

2- Social media channels 

Social media channels play an important role in marketing now.Channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube , Snapchat and Linkedin are considered as main Digital marketing channels you need to be present in front of your potential customers wherever they are . the trick here is to know which channel is mostly used by theme and most profiting for you .
Now you can use the social media channels to your benefit by to ways
– Be present by branding yourself through content that helps your customers 
-Make campaigns targeted to your audience with latest updates or offers .

3- Search engine optimization :

You need to optimize your website to fit the search engines that will help you get ahead of your competitors to  the first page when a potential customer do online search about your company or listing and therefor gain new customers
Also creating search campaign on the search engine that will drive traffic into your website  and therefor gain new customers

You need to know that Digital marketing is continuing process to maintain your progress you can’t stop it or ditch it or you will lose your place in the online world  


4- Combine old marketing ways with the digital marketing

As we explained before there are difference between the traditional and digital marketing but that doesn’t mean you should neglect any of theme
You should work on strategy that combines between the two ways and insure you the highest profit possible 

5-Make presentations for the site

One of the important things that guarantees your site to be easy to use for the visitors is to make a presentation, in which explain how to use the site and benefit from it.

With an explanation of the ease and smoothness that the website provides to the visitor, which motivates customers to use the site 

This can be through a demo video or some posts on your accounts on social media channels

6-Website Blog:

Many companies treat the blog as an additional or supplementary thing

In fact, it is one of the main and important things that can be used to market and

promote your real estate units, but in an indirect way .

The blog is an essential part of the website through which you can share with your clients the latest

developments in the real estate market

It enables you to educate your customers on important matters in your field

This is not the only role for it, but rather it has a major role in improving

the appearance of your site in the search engine results, as we mentioned its importance previously

Dear reader, your interest in being present in these basic platforms guarantees you

an effective digital presence whose results appear clearly on your profits and returns from your real estate marketing.