user interface and user experience mainly depend on design , and we can see the design takes 70% of the customer’s attraction, like a fashion with a trendy look, attractive design for a car with a new version, or Intangible things like websites, TV programs, ads, or online shopping applications This is what made designers of great importance in this time and upcoming periods, whether interior designers or fashion designers, or graphic designers who are the highest demanded  in the field of web design, and their goal is to satisfy the customer by providing a set of interfaces that the user benefits from, so we will show you today Dear reader, the importance of design in the user interfaces and user experience, let us start by getting to know each of them:-

 user interface

What is the user interface (UI)? :-

The UI is a stands for  User Interface, and it is an interface for a website or application. Or the current project.

user interface focuses on the design, colors, and shapes that appear to the user, For example: –

Touch screens, and desktop icons in your device, text, and images and the elements it deals with the user directly

 It is the last stage of designing for any digital  project, program, application, website, and other projects,

it’s the most important stage After the idea and implementation stage, as we mentioned,

design takes the importance with 70% of the attention of the user or customer.

What is a user experience (UX)? :-

The UX stands forUser Experience, which is one of the latest expressions in the world of website design and is the way

the user deals with the company’s products and services provided by the website.

 And the goal of the idea of ​​the user experience is to serve the user’s recent interests,

it means the last user of this interface or website must get everything he wants in order to deal with the program or the website in a professional way.

And now … You don’t get  confused between the UI and the UX, the UX Not very different from the UI,

let us tell you the difference between them and explain that in a simple way which helps you to go deeper in our topic today.

user experience

We can say that the user interface is the external design the user deals with continuously and sees it in all the steps

while using the website or application, while the UX is the user interaction with the product or service.

Here are some points that explain the difference between the two types:-

  • UX design focuses on user interactions while visiting the website or application, whether positive or negative.
  • but the UI design focuses on how the product or website appears and the design of it.
  • The UX designer is interested in concepts in the design process and previous interaction with the product or service, while the UI designer focuses on designing the facade and focusing on the colors.
  • And most of the UI designers are mainly graphic designers, depending on the job similarity between the interface designer and the graphic designers.

So, as we mentioned previously, there is no difference between the user interface and the user experience, and the last goal for the two types is one,  design of the website or application to provide the greatest benefit to the user and make it easy to use and Browsing, but we found the difference in terms of design and the conditions For example: – The UI or the user interface is free to operate and are not restricted by any conditions, in changing colors and external designs.

but the UX, we don’t have the freedom to deal and change in it, and it is restricted by some conditions of dealing and that is determined by the last user of the program or determined by the programmer based on the work of the program

the questions now:- Can I avoid one of the two? Are one of the two elements more important than the other?

Some people think that the concept of the UI or user interface is no longer important and that

the UX or user experience is updated and this makes it a priority, but the relationship

between the user interface and the user experience is interconnected and they rise to each other.

We will tell you the importance of Ui:-

It’s a main factor in the success of the website, application, or the existing project, as we mentioned dear reader,

the importance of design in the success of websites and applications.

so, every designer should take into consideration when starting work on designing the user interface to be easy to handle

and meet the needs of the user through an attractive, simple, and comfortable design for a user of the website or

application. and this shows us the relationship between the user interface and the user experience,

and the user interface is a part of the user experience.

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