Hosting web and their types? Let us explain to you simply.

assuming that you create your website, you need to show your website to all people around the world,

Here comes the role of hosting companies to provide a suitable hosting plan for your business.

Hosting web

What is web hosting?

It is the service that allows your website to appear on the Internet

and display its content to the public by companies specialized in this field.

What are hosting web companies?

They are companies that have very large computers with high speeds and large capacities connected to the Internet,

and these devices save the content of your website, and they are called (servers).

So, how does the hosting process work?

When someone searches for the content of your website,

he sends a request to the server that hosts your website,  and the server appears to him the content he searched for in your website 

And choosing the hosting is not random, it depends on the size of your website, its content, and other factors.

So, you must determine the domain and content of your website before starting to search for a hosting company.

As we said, hosting differs from website to another or from content to another,

so what are the types of hosting, and what kind of content It fits?

Let us explain to you in this article, and we hope it will be useful, but first,

you must know why you should create a website?!


Hosting types: –

Web Hosting


Shared hosting: –

It is the best solution for small websites, and this is because many websites are hosted on one server,

and the companies offer them at reasonable prices at the cost of one server,

it’s an excellent economic solution in hosting types.


Reseller hosting: –

it’s considered digital commerce without content, because it allows you to use your own space on the server and redistribute it again, meaning that you are the host

 Or you can share your hosting web with the websites of your friends and partners.


Dedicated Hosting: –  

When you reach a high level and lots of data on your website and many visitors.

Your website becomes larger and higher, so at this time you need Dedicated Hosting,

or as it is called specialized hosting, and this service allows you to use a complete server without sharing with the other.

In addition to being able to control it and being the only one who does this.

Some companies provide it with a high version they can modify without need professional and technical experience and save the customer suffering.


Virtual Servers -VPS: –

 It is a server that is built inside the main server or what is known by Dedicated Hosting, and this part has high performance and advanced specifications and can be controlled like the main server.


Cloud servers

Or it is called cloud hosting, and it is very similar to virtual servers but differs in some things,

like the way it works, and that cloud servers use real resources and help you increase the capabilities of your website.


What is the difference between domain and hosting?

Domain name

some people confuse between the domain name and hosting, let’s make it easy!

For example: When you own a home, you must know the name of the street where your house is located,

and you must know the size of your home, These elements must be identified when starting to search for a house depending on the number of persons inside the house.

This is the relation between the domain name and hosting, hosting is the land area of ​​your home, and the domain is the name of the street your home is located in.

And now, dear reader, it has become clear to you what hosting.


Now, why hosting plan? recommend to you the type of hosting that suits your field and the type of your website,

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