at the end of 2019, the number of Internet users in the world reached 4.39 billion, including 30.26 million users from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and It is a country that contains nearly 33.85 million citizens, approximately 90% of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a significant percentage!

When both your current and anticipated customers are in one place, you seriously need to direct your attention to it.

  • Why should I create a website? Isn’t social media enough?
  • Why do I bear the cost of the website? While I can reach my clients through social media channels? 

 In this article, we will show you what is the difference between owning a company website and being on social media platforms only.

We live in a time when the Internet is a world parallel to the real world, so now everything in the real world you can find something like it on the Internet.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of social media channels and websites according to what they offer to their users.

  • Firstly: Ownership and freedom of control 

We agree that the social media sites “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … etc”

are the property of their respective owners, subject to their laws, who have full control over them

Let’s say you have a business of men’s clothes. You own goods and suppliers, but you need a place to display your products. Now you have two options.

1 / showing your products on the shelves of the place you rented and follow their laws, which can at any time refrain it.

“This is what your account represents on social media platforms, which the site owner can close your account at any time.”

2 / Own your own store, which only you can decide to close or open, and only you control its laws.

“This is your own website.”

  • Secondly: customer trust

and now, Imagine you are inside a large mall and in the main courtyard there is a man in a shirt with a logo

And with him some flyers about his products in addition to a sample of those products

People pass by whoever stands with him and someone who ignores him even though he is ultimately inside a well-known shopping mall.

Now take a quick look at the shops around you, and you will find that there is not much difference between them in the basic matters

They all occupy a specific area and a sign bearing the logos and from the inside divided into titled sections that facilitate your movement

their products are displayed beautifully and clearly, with different services or products.

Suppose that what you need is provided by a person from the first example and also a store complex, whichever one will get your trust!

and Statistics have proven that most people do not have much trust in dealing with anyone who does not have a website that shows the company’s professionalism.

  • Thirdly:” Ranking on search engines”

 Whatever you offer, whether a service or product, you mainly need customers who support your presence

Companies spend billions of dollars annually on advertising only to reach their customers, whether they are interested in what they offer or not

What if interested clients or looking for you, or, in a more accurate sense looking for what you offer

For example, you need to improve your language skills or to buy a new bag for your wife, how about returning a gift! What is the first thing you do ?! You will automatically take up your mobile phone and search for what you want in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo … etc.

So the service or product provider has to compete to appear in the first search results to appear

Google is the most popular search engine in the Middle East and has stated in its data that it does not use the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as a way to classify pages.

You must create a website for you that Google first checks for in a process known as crawling and indexing and makes sure that it is in conformity with the conditions in order for you to include it among the search results that appear to its users.

So ! If you ignore creating your own business website, it basically means ignoring a large number of your interested clients.

  • Fourthly: “payment method and Display” 

The layout does not differ much from the social media accounts; the difference is what the owners of these accounts provide and therefore the difference in the requirements of the exchange process with customers. The layout represents the form and division of the company office or the product gallery. So can you imagine a car showroom, children’s clothing store and a touristic office with the same form and organization?

Most social media platforms give a limited view and limited options. but the websites, they belong to their owners, designing them as appropriate to the requirements of their work or business.

 so, if you have a tourism office. What can the customer find when visiting you? What about a welcome message that appears automatically when entering the website, or list of the flights available for this month, and now let your customer make reservations and pay from his place, not to mention the division of pages according to places or search by price, place or date, can the social media sites provide This stuff and more for your customers !?

and the website similar to the social media pages in displaying pictures and contact information, even direct communication with the customer and others.

In the end, we do not exclude the important role that social media plays. It is of great importance in the marketing process, but we can not deny that it never replaces the website of your company on which you earn the customer and you have to learn how to benefit from this website and compete with it in the search engines and facilitate the exchange process with customers.

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